Welcome to Regional School Unit 13

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December 17 and 18, 2019 - South School Pre-K will be closed. However, Ash Point Community School Pre-K will be open.


Last week, a phishing email was received by staff stating that their mailbox was full and they would need to enter their password into a website to fix their accounts. Unfortunately, several staff believed the email to be genuine and entered in their email passwords. This gave the individual(s) access to our email address book within the system. The only data that was released were staff email addresses (which are public) and student email addresses which are not available to the general public. Thankfully, our IT Staff caught the phishing scam very quickly and acted to secure our system. At this time, all student accounts have been reset and their passwords changed. Staff have also been advised to change their passwords. Again, no student data was exposed, just email addresses. 



NEW RATES FOR 2019-2020 School Year

RSU 13 is looking for qualified substitute teachers!  If you are interested, please click here for an application, or contact the Superintendent's office at 596-6620 and ask for Human Resources.

We pay $97.50 per day for those with a 2-year college degree and $112.50 per day if you have a 4-year college degree.

Please click here to view the Substitute Handbook.

Envisioning the Schools of Our Future 2.0
Community Conversations About Our Future

Dear Participants in RSU 13’s Community Conversations:

We are writing to you to express our sincere appreciation for your recent participation in our series of events, Community Conversations – Envisioning the Schools of Our Future 2.0.  The active interest, energy, and enthusiasm that you brought to these discussions, and the thoughtful insights and recommendations offered, contributed significantly to the features that have now been highlighted in the Summary Report

As promised, this summary report was shared with all who participated, whether by attending one of our on-site events or by offering your input via the RSU 13 website survey option.  This report was also shared with all School Board members and faculty, and will be a valued perspective informing the continuing work of RSU 13 as we continue planning for and designing the schools of our future.

Soliciting and actively valuing community input has been a hallmark of what has contributed to the success of recent development efforts within RSU 13. We thank you for continuing that tradition and be assured that your collective voice matters as we continue to strive to do our very best, for every student, every day. Please also know that we will continue to remain in frequent communication with our community-at-large as this important work continues. Thank You!

With sincere appreciation,

John C. McDonald, RSU 13 Superintendent                                         

Loren Andrews, RSU 13 School Board Chair