Policy Committee Agenda for March 16, 2010

Agenda - RSU13 – Policy Committee Meeting
Tuesday, March 16, 20105:30PMMcLain School



Committee or Visitors


  Jim Kalloch, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli


  Steven Dyer


  Jamie Doubleday


  Ruth Anne Hohfeld


Time IN:

Time OUT:    


Results / Follow Up





Agenda Items:

1.       Review a first draft of Graduation Requirements: Combined MSAD 5 and MSAD 50 policies


2.       Consideration of Policies for Second Reading:

1.08 School Board Use of E-Mail

2.501 Student Home Use of MLTI Laptops

3.02 Curriculum and Educational Programs



3.       Consideration of Policies for First Reading:

 1.02 School Board legal Status


 1.05 School Board Meetings




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