Minutes for December 15, 2009

Agenda - RSU13 – Policy Committee Meeting
Tuesday, December 15, 2009 – 5:30PM – McLain School



Committee or Visitors


  Jim Kalloch, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli


  Steven Dyer

 Patti Moran Wotton

  Jamie Doubleday


  Ruth Anne Hohfeld


Time IN:

Time OUT:    


Results / Follow Up





Agenda Items:

1.       Review First Reading Policies:

 Transportation Liability

Post Secondary Enrollments

Formation of New Clubs/Activities

Administration of Medications

2.       Graduation Requirements: Compare MSAD 5 and MSAD 50 policies

3.       Review Policy Books to Identify Policies for Next Consideration






1.    The Committee edits Policy IHCDA.  A policy III is needed governing students taking external high school courses for credit.

Policy JLCD is ready for a second reading.

The policy on new clubs is ready for a second reading as edited.

2.     There was brief discussion.  This will be referred to the High School Study Group.

3.     The Committee reviewed the remainder of the I-section policies and made the following recommendations:

IC: not needed

ICD: not at this time

IGA & IK: Curriculum Committee

IHBAI & IHBAK: check with Spec Ed

IHBB: needed

IHBC/KBF: Title 1 Policies

*III: Out of district HS courses

IIIA Senior Privileges: check on status

Tech policies: address in joint meeting in January

*IJOA: 2 policies very different

IJOC: Volunteers

*IKB: Homework

*IKE: Promotion, Retention, Acceleration

IKFB Grad Exercises: not at this time

IL&ILA Program Eval & Assessment: Curriculum Committee

*ILB Summer School

ILD Surveys: use MSAD 50 policy



q  Other


Policies marked * are next, after tech policies and Curriculum Committee policy.

q  Comments, Questions, Concerns, Problems, or Praise