Agenda for March 4, 2010


RSU 13 School Board Meeting

6:30 pm Thursday, March 4, 2010

McLain School

1.      Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum

2.      Pledge of Allegiance

3.      Adjustments to the Agenda

4.      Public Participation: Citizens are welcome to speak to matters before the Board

5.      Communications

6.      Consent Agenda

a.       Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of February 4, 2010

b.      Approval of Policies in Second Reading

(1)      2.50 Student Computer and Internet Use Policy and  Rules

(2)      2.51 Student Use of Electronic Devices

(3)      4.21 Employee Computer and Internet Use Policy and Rules

7.      Reports

a.       Report of the Superintendent

(1)      Enrollments

(2)      Response to Retirement Offer

b.      Report of the Chair

c.       Committee Reports and Upcoming Meetings

(1)      Activities: Esther Kilgour                                                next meeting 5:00 pm March 25th

(2)      Curriculum: Sally Carleton                                               next meeting 6:30 pm April 6th

(3)      Facilities & Transportation: Greg Hamlin                        next meeting 5:30 pm March 9th

(4)      Finance & Insurance: Brian Messing                                next meeting 6:00 pm March 11th

(5)      Personnel & Negotiations: Jamie Doubleday

(6)      Policy: James Kalloch                                                      next meeting 5:30 pm March 16th   

(7)      Technology:  Loren Andrews                                           next meeting 6:30 pm March 18th

(8)      Mid Coast School of Technology: James Kalloch            next meeting 7:00 pm March 24th

(9)      Many Flags/One Campus: Jamie Doubleday

8.      Business Items

a.       Approval of Many Flags/One Campus Application

b.      Approval of Student Trips out of State

(1)      Key Club Annual Trip to Springfield, MA

(2)      RDMS/RDHS Band Trip to Agawam, MA

(3)      Tiger Outreach Trip to New Orleans, LA

c.       Consideration of Request for an Unpaid Leave of Absence

d.      Clarification Regarding Whether Saint George Eight Grade Will Be Part of the RSU 13 8-9 School in the Fall of 2011

e.       Consideration of Requesting a Delay in RDHS Accreditation Due to School District Reorganization

f.        Superintendent’s Recommendation on Elimination of Positions for 2010-2011

g.       Consideration of Policies in First Reading

(1)      1.08 School Board Use of E-Mail

(2)      2.501 Student Home Use of MLTI Laptops

(3)      3.02 Curriculum and Educational Programs

h.      Collective Bargaining (in Executive Session)

9.      Adjournment