Minutes for November 17, 2009

Agenda - RSU13 – Policy Committee Meeting
Tuesday, November 17, 2009 – 5:30PM – McLain School



Committee or Visitors


  Jim Kalloch, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli


  Steven Dyer


  Jamie Doubleday


  Ruth Anne Hohfeld


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Results / Follow Up





Agenda Items:

1.       Review First Reading Policies: Transportation Liability

2.       Consider Revised Draft Post Secondary Enrollment Policy

3.       Policy Goals for Other Committees:

Formation of New Clubs/Activities

4.       Support System Certification Handbook

5.       Identify Policies for Next Consideration






4. Colleen Kreps, Ellen Spring, Trish Mellow, and Lynda Baum presented the Support System Certification Handbook.  The Committee reviewed the proposed plan, which will go to the Board 12/3 for approval.

1. The Transportation Policy was revised significantly so will be sent for another 1st reading on 12/3.

2. Changes were made to the first draft of the Post-Secondary Enrollment Policy. It is ready for a first reading 12/3.

3. The Policy proposed by the Activities Committee is ready for a first reading 12/3.

5. Administration of Medications to Students was reviewed and is ready for a first reading 12/3.


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Drug Testing of Athletes was a policy topic that came up in MSAD 5 that was postponed until RSU 132 could consider it.  This will go to the Activities Committee for consideration.

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