Minutes of the Meeting of December 10, 2009

Minutes - RSU13 – Finance Committee Meeting  
THURSDAY, December 10, 2009 – 6:00PM - McLAIN BUILDING

Warrants Available at 5:30pm



Committee or Visitors


  Brian Messing, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli


  Steven Dyer

 Toni Reed

  Gregory Hamlin

 Charles Butler


  Josiah Wilson

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

Time IN: 6pm

Time OUT: 7:25pm   


Results / Follow Up



  1. Financial Review-Toni Reed



Financials with explanations were emailed with finance packet prior to the meeting. 


New Business:



Discussion Items:


  1. Food Service Discussion and review of financials-Toni Reed & Charles Butler





















  1. Discussion of the 10-11 budget approval process








1.     Review of food service financials for FY10.  As of November 2009 food service is     ($23,486.96).  This includes the $80,000 district transfer and any accounts receivables. Healthier foods, fresh fruits & veggies and decrease in a la carte revenues due to change in menu contributed to this balance.  A redesign in the menu to utilize $20,000 in commodities is going to be Charles Butler’s focus to help offset this negative balance.  Reviewing production and other ways to increase participation without increasing cost.  Participation numbers would have been helpful when reviewing the financials and will be provided at a later date.  Some meals have been made by the Tech center though the district still provided the ingredients.  Senior privileges at the high school level can effect participation in the kitchen, though the capability of handling the increase bodies in cafeteria is unlikely with current schedule and space available.

2.     Superintendent went through proposed budget development process. Finance committee approval item list, administration preparation lists, and proposed budget timeline for FY 10-11. Suggestion from the committee to review RIF action on March meeting instead of April. 









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