Agenda for December 1, 2009


Tuesday, December 1, 2009 AT 6:30PM – McLain Building




Committee or Visitors

Committee or Visitors

  Sally Carleton, Chair

 Patricia Moran-Wotton

 Neal Guyer

  Loren Andrews

 Tom Wright

  George Emery

Todd Martin


  Julie Sanborn  

 Judith Lucarelli

Time IN:

Time OUT:  


Results / Follow Up



1.     Progress update on GT programming – T. Wright:


·         Share sample GT Learning Plan that is currently being piloted within the program.

·         Update on program development efforts.





2.     Profile of the plan to pilot trimester reporting at the MacDougal School in 2009/2010 – T. Martin:


·         Rationale for the change & link to MacDougal/U-Maine Literacy Partnership Project. Projected reporting dates for 2009-2010.

·         Parent informational letter.

·         Review data & Information that was shared with parents during parent conferences.

·          What will the new report cards look like – samples.

·         How we will know whether or not the change is worthwhile – parent & faculty surveys – other.





3.     Review & discuss draft policy – Curriculum Development & Adoption – N. Guyer & J. Lucarelli:






4.     Review draft of district-wide writing assessment results & update on efforts to expand this process for grades 10-12 – N. Guyer:






5.      Agenda items & confirmation of the date, time, & location of the next Curriculum Committee meeting.