Minutes for November 10, 2009


 Minutes - RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
Nov 10th, 2009 – 5:30 pm McLain Building





 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 John Spear

 Jim Kalloch

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

 Scott Hall

 George Emery

 Judy Lucarelli

 Todd Johnston

Time IN: 5:30 pm

Time OUT:  7:04 pm


Results / Follow Up


q  Review and Make Changes to this Agenda.




New Business


q  Facility Audit Update – A goal for 2010 - Consensus was consolidating the studies we have would be a good start point. Then compare and contrast the buildings / studies with an eye towards finding issues and identifying opportunities.  This would be a work in progress in that as we go we will adjust our activities based on the findings

q  Update on repairs and new boiler at MacDougal. New boiler is operational. Electrical work complete. Still need to get approved Bureau of General Services (BGS) roof shovel program in place.

q  Update Bus Parking – Last time it was suggested we go slower and review our options more closely. An Option: May have a proposal for space on Eltee Circle in Thomaston (off  Dexter Street Ext in Thomaston) to review and discuss.



q  State School Building Construction Application schedules. Integrated, Consolidated, 9-16 Educational Facilities   application form (Many Flags) is out and completed applications are due on or before 3/15/2010. New Construction/Renovation for Major Capital Improvement Program application form is scheduled to be out 11/15/2009 and completed applications are due on or before 6/15/2010. 














q  Square Footage of RDMS Reported in Error – Last Spring F & T was given and reported the square footage of the RDMS at 128,000 square feet, when in fact it has now been verified that it is actually 53,377. While this has not resulted in any decisions being affected it did lead to under reporting the cost per square foot for this building back in April.

q  Bus Lease/Purchase for 2010/2011 the forms need to be in to the state by 11/25. Judy suggests that we may want to submit multiple requests to keep open possibility to procure, with state assistance, enough buses to implement “single runs” on a RSU wide basis. We can always withdraw applications at a later date, but can’t submit additional requests after the deadline.




John has located 10 studies and will be soliciting input from principals concerning facility shortcomings from a programmatic perspective.  With all that is going on his is not as far along as he would like to have been.



Few small items left to do; Ceiling and intake dampers, piping to drain, replumbing dishwasher, and the removal of the temporary heat trailer.


Crew is reviewing a proposed lease option for almost 4,000 sq foot Maintenance and Transportation facility at 25 Elltree Cricle in Thomaston. Centrally located to both the old SAD5 and SAD50.  Committee approved the concept to write up the proposal for the board and Finance committee outlining the pro’s and con’s of such a lease.  Also will check into the possibility of a lease purchase.  Much of the up front costs will be paid for by not doing certain budgeted maintenance.  Greg to inform and update the Finance Committee.

Applications for the Integrated, Consolidated,
9-12 Education Facilities (Many Flags) are due March 15th.  Applications for the Major Capital Improvement Program are due June 15th and it’s a full time job to build and submit.   Even if you apply there are four critical milestones needed out of 21 steps.  Milestone two, concept approvals, is currently scheduled for 2012 and 2013.  This process can take years to get approved (Some were 12-15 years out). Since each application has common data we will submit several applications in order to get them into the pipeline.  This doesn’t obligate us in any way. However, missing this deadline that could leave you waiting until 2011 or beyond to try again.


High school maybe off as much as 50k square feet as well.  We have been reporting 135k and it may be closer to 85k.






Since we have not determined which type of bus runs (single vs. double runs) are best for this RSU13 it is best to apply for six new busses / funding and then turn them down if not needed.  Again this doesn’t obligate us in any way but it will limit our options if we don’t apply.


OLD Business

q  Goal for 2010 – Implement State Transportation Software.



q  Fuel Tanks – Four tanks on the east side failed inspection.  One will have a temp fix with a boot over certain pipes (approx $2k). One has to have all the piping replaced (Building to tank approx $10k) and the other two will need to be budgeted this coming year.  Good news is none of the tanks are leaking. 

q  Discuss proposal for a memorial Skate Park at Guilford Butler from South Thomaston parent. We asked for a simple site plan (Plot the estimated 60 by 70 foot square on one of our site maps). The parents and select person will follow up on insurance, plot plan, and a review by Scott Hall to make sure it will not interfere with any school operations (Wells, septic, plowing, etc.)




Still on track for between Christmas vacation and February.


Reaffirmed that we will to budget for the remaining two tanks n the coming year.   No further discussion is needed.





Penny Alley and Pam Paqutte returned with an aerial photo of the proposed site of the skate park drawn in.  Both sides checked with their insurance companies which both didn’t have any issues with the proposal.  It was made clear this is a town responsibility to maintain. The committee approved taking this to the board as a proposal for a 5 year lease with the option to renew.



q  Next meeting:  Tuesday Dec 8th





  • Discuss setting up a Fuel Cost Stabilization fund for this coming years budget.
  • Update on where we stand with the Construction Applications.
  • Update on where we stand with the facilities Audit.
  • Progress on Many Flags Application.
  • Progress on Buss Garage Lease.
  • Progress on availability of the Transportation Software.


q  Comments, Questions, Concerns,
Problems, or Praise