Agenda for November 5, 2009


RSU 13 School Board Meeting

6:30 pm Thursday, November 5, 2009

McLain School

1.      Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum

2.      Pledge of Allegiance

3.      Adjustments to the Agenda

4.      Public Participation: Citizens are welcome to speak to matters before the Board

5.      Communications

6.      Consent Agenda

a.       Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of October 1, 2009

b.      Approval of Minutes of Special Meeting of October 20, 2009

c.       Final Approval of Policies in Second Reading

(1)      IHBG Home Schooling

d.      Teacher Nominations

(1)      Martha Mitchell, Library Media Specialist [Gilford Butler, MacDougal, Owls Head and South Schools]

e.       Appointment of Non-Employee Coaches

(1)      Keely Baum                     Middle School Volunteer Cheering Coach

(2)      Joseph Nelson                  RDHS Varsity Baseball Coach

7.      Reports

a.       Report of the Superintendent

b.      Report of the Chair

c.       Committee Reports

(1)      Activities: Esther Kilgour

(2)      Curriculum: Sally Carleton

(3)      Facilities & Transportation: Greg Hamlin

(4)      Finance & Insurance: Brian Messing

(5)      Personnel & Negotiations: Jamie Doubleday

(6)      Policy: James Kalloch

(7)      Technology:  Loren Andrews

(8)      Mid Coast School of Technology: James Kalloch

(9)      Many Flags/One Campus: Jamie Doubleday

d.      Presentation on Response to Intervention

8.      Business Items

a.       Board Action to Close MacDougal School Effective June 30, 2009

b.      Approval of Lease Purchase of Two School Buses

c.       Change Calendar to Provide Early Dismissal on Wednesday, December 23 for Teacher Training

d.      Procedure for Approving Warrants

e.       Collective Bargaining (in Executive Session)

9.      Announce Upcoming Meetings:  all are at McLain School

a.       Curriculum Committee 6:30 pm December 1st   

b.      Facilities & Transportation Committee 5:30 pm November 10th

c.       Finance Committee 6 pm November 12th

d.      Policy Committee 5:30 pm November 17th

e.       Technology Committee 6:30 pm November 19th

f.        Activities Committee 6:30 pm January 28th

g.       School Board 6:30 pm December 3rd  

10.  Adjournment