Minutes from November 3, 2009





November 3, 2009


Committee Members Present        :           S. Carleton, L. Andrews, G. Emery, J. Sanborn,

                                                                        P. Moran-Wooton

Other Board Members Present      :           R.A. Hohfeld, T.Kilgour

Staff Members Present                   :           T. Martin, L. Taylor, N. Guyer

Others Present                                 :           RSU 13 east side parent

Location                                             :           MacDougal School, Rockland



I.              Call to order:


This meeting was called to order by Chair Carleton at 6:32 PM.


II.         Presentation of the MacDougal-University of Maine Literacy Partnership:


            Principal Martin and Literacy Coach Lori Taylor welcomed committee members and other attendees to the MacDougal School. A comprehensive review of the MacDougal-UMO Literacy Partnership was presented via a power point presentation and by visiting classrooms within the school to showcase methods and strategies that are being highlighted within Partnership activities.  Highlighted elements within the presentation included:


·         The elements of the literacy framework as a comprehensive and consistent approach to teaching & learning that is being shared and supported by all MacDougal faculty.

·         The effectiveness of professional development that is embedded and sustained in the day-to-day routines of the school, and the unique role of the Literacy Coach.

·         The on-going collection and use of formative assessment data to guide instruction and reflect on practice.

·         The unique materials and methods (such as leveled texts, guided reading, writing workshop, etc.) that are core elements with the instructional design.

·         How the practices being utilized within the project supports the RSU 13-wide initiative for the implementation of Response to Intervention (RTI) during this school year.


As a summary to this presentation, implications for how the Literacy Partnership will continue to evolve within 2010-2011 and beyond were also profiled.  Principal Martin also shared a copy of a draft K and 1 report card that will be piloted during this academic year – moving to a trimester format that will involve a greater degree of teacher narrative reporting.  This pilot project for trimester reporting will be presented in greater depth at the Curriculum Committee meeting planned for December 1, 2009.


III.           Update on RSU 13 writing assessment follow-up and curriculum/program audit:


Neal Guyer distributed samples of 4th grade student writing that had been generated and scored within the recent RSU 13-wide writing assessment process in order to demonstrate the steps involved in the assessment task for students and the scoring process for faculty.  Additionally, samples of the tools being utilized to collected and process this assessment data were also shared. Data will be evaluated within proficiency levels by grade, individual schools, and gender differences relative to achievement, and will be summarized within a fall 2009 report for the RSU.

This writing assessment process will be replicated in the spring of 2010.








IV.       Update on a proposal for adding an additional early release day to the RSU 13 Calendar in December of 2009:


            Neal Guyer previewed a request that will be coming before the full RSU 13 School Board on November 5, 2009 to consider adding an early release day for professional development purposes to the December 2009 School Calendar.  It was explained that this will allow for necessary faculty training to support the beginning of pilot Response to Intervention (RTI) screening and Tier I interventions for identified students beginning in January 2010 for grades 4-8 in west side schools, and in grades K-8 in east side schools. An RTI status presentation is also planned for this full School Board meeting.


V.        Agenda items for next meeting:


·         Review of draft – Curriculum Development & Adoption Policy

·         Update on MacDougal Pilot for moving to trimester reporting.

·         Report on current status of RSU-wide World Language Programs & planning considerations for 2010-2011.

·         GT Program development update.


Vl.       Date, time, and location of the next meeting:


            The RSU 13 Curriculum Committee will meet again on Tuesday, December 1, 2009, at 6:30 PM.


VII.      Other/Adjourn.


            Committee members noted that they appreciated the opportunity to convene within the MacDougal School – making the evening’s presentation much more meaningful. Committee members expressed an interest in taking advantage of opportunities to hold future meetings within the schools – particularly for similar topic-specific presentations.


            This meeting was adjourned by Chair Carleton at approximately 8:08 PM.