Minutes of October 1, 2009

Rockland, Maine

October 5, 2009       


The regular meeting of the RSU #13 Board of Directors was held on Thursday, October 1, 2009 in the Conference Room at the McLain Building.  Present were:  

                                                Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Chair            South Thomaston

                                                Jamie Doubleday, Vice-Chair      Thomaston

                                                Loren Andrews                                 Cushing

                                                Sally Carleton                                     Owls Head

                                                Steven Dyer                                       Rockland

                                                George Emery                                   St. George

                                                Gregory Hamlin                                                Thomaston

                                                James Kalloch                                    Rockland

                                                Esther Kilgour                                    Rockland

                                                Brian Messing                                    Rockland

                                                Julie Sanborn                                     Thomaston

                                                Josiah Wilson                                     St. George

                                                Patricia Moran-Wotton                 Rockland



Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:30PM.  The Pledge of allegiance of the United States flag was given.  Adjustments to the agenda were made.



Audrey Buffington of South Thomaston spoke and thanked the Superintendent and Curriculum Coordinator for meeting with her regarding math scores.  She further thanked the Board for their support of students and staff.  The Chair thanked Mrs. Buffington for attending the meeting.



Letter of resignation received from John Spear, Business Manager for Special Projects.  A copy of his letter and the Superintendent’s reponse was distributed.   NO ACTION.



It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by James Kalloch to approve the following items under the consent agenda:

a.  Consideration of Minutes of Regular Meeting of September 3, 2009

b.  Final Approval of Policies in Second Reading

1.  BBA School Board Powers and Duties

2.  EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services

3.  JICDA Student Code of Conduct

c.  Teacher Nominations

1.  Karen Nelson, half time music teacher [South and Owls Head]

d.  Appointment of Non-Employee Coaches:

1.  Richard Vannah           GVHS Boys JV Basketball

2.  Russell Worcester      Girls Varsity Softball

3.  Maynard Philbrook    Girls Varsity Tennis

4.  Don Shields                   GVHS JV and Varsity Baseball

5.  Janice Cox                     St George Girls 7th and 8th Grade Basketball

6.  Dawn Leppanen         St George 7th and 8th Grade Softball

7.  Troy Smith                     TGS Boys 7th & 8th Grade Basketball

8.  Erik Nelson                    TGS 7th and 8th Grade Softball

                        9.   Matt Breen                  RDHS Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach

10. Larry Reed                   RDHS Boys Head JV/Varsity Asst Basketball

11. Teel Foster                  RDHS Girls Varsity Head Coach Basketball

12. Jason Foster                RDHS Girls Varsity Assistant Basketball

13. Becky Howard            RDHS Varsity Cheering Head Coach

14. Heather Brown          RDHS Varsity Cheering Asst

15. Holly Mazzeo              RSU 13 Middle School Winter Cheering Assistant Coach

16. Keenan Flanagan                      RDMS Boys 7th Grade Basketball Head Coach 

17. Daniel McNichol        RDMS Girls 7th Grade Basketball Head Coach

18. Danielle McNichol     RDMS Girls 7th Grade Basketball Assistant Coach

19. Karl Meklin                  RDMS Boys 8th Grade Basketball Head Coach 

10. Dan Flanagan              RDMS Girls 8th Grade Basketball Head Coach 

11. Andrea Curtis             RDMS Winter Cheering Head Coach   

12. Holly Mazzeo              RDMS Winter Cheering Assistant Coach

13. Rachel McKenney     RDMS Winter Cheering Assistant Coach

14. Joe Nelsen                   RDHS Varsity Baseball Assistant Coach  

15. Benji Blake                   RDHS Girls Varsity Tennis Head Coach 

16. Matt Breen                  RDMS Baseball Assistant Coach 

17. Gene Drinkwater      RDMS Softball Head Coach 

18. Kristi Stone                  RDMS Softball Assistant Coach 

e.  Approval of Thomaston Grammar School Fundraising Projects for 8th Grade Class Trip

1.   Pizza Card Sales: estimated $700

2.   Carnival: estimated $1000

3.   Candle Sales: $1200

12 FOR (927) 1 OPPOSED (Wilson/72). VOTED.



The Superintendent reported on several items that did not require Board action at this time:

1) Legislative breakfast held on October 1st to report on the status of consolidation of school districts.  A good opportunity for superintendents to discuss issues relevant to consolidation.  2) Common writing prompt will be done for grades K-9 this fall and K-12 in the spring.  3) Thanks to the efforts of Representative Kruger, the Maine Supreme Court will be holding their October session at Georges Valley High School.  4) The GVHS sports program and RDHS Project Graduation worked at the Rockland Lobster Festival and earned $2,400.  The students should be commended for their hard work.  5) Nutri-Kids is in the process of being sorted out.  6) Infinite Campus is now being implemented at the State level and is still being worked out.  7) Reminded Board members of folders located in the Central Office.  NO ACTION.


Ruth Anne Hohfeld reported on the following:  1) Thanked the Board for their participation at the September 22nd workshop.  2) Reminded Board members of the Fall MSMA conference on October 22nd and 23rd.  She encouraged as many Board members as possible to attend.  2) Legislative bulletins have been received from MSMA opposing TABOR.  Also an email from Susan Gendron that the Department of Education is not taking a stand on the consolidation issue facing voters.  3) Highlights from the administrative updates were given.  She thanked all administrators for their hard work.  NO ACTION.




a.  ACTIVITIES.  Esther Kilgour, Chair, reported on the Committee’s goals for the year.  These include:  1) Formulation of a policy on the start-up of new programs.  2) Analysis of the Athletics and Activities programs.  3) Analysis of travel schedules and transportation costs.  4) Explore areas where cooperative teams might be possible.  Next meeting will be October 27, 2009 at 6:00PM.


b.  CURRICULUM.  Sally Carleton, Chair, reported on the Curriculum Committee’s goals for the year.  These include:  1) Audit of district-wide curriculum materials in order to build a strategic plan.  2) Review the development of selected programs.  3) Develop curriculum policies.  4) Develop a common writing specimen.  The next meeting of the Committee will be on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 6:30PM.


c.  FACILITIES & TRANSPORTATION.  Greg Hamlin, Committee Chair, reported on a recent meeting to discuss the parking lot at RDHS, new school buses, and the summer maintenance projects.  The goals that the Committee set were:  1) Developing a facilities plan (audit of all buildings), 2) Implementing the state software for transportation.  Next meeting will be Tuesday, October 13, 2009 at 5:30PM.


d.  FINANCE & INSURANCE.  Brian Messing, Chair, reported on a recent meeting to review the District’s expenditures through August.  Discussed the preliminary 2008-2009 audit.  The final MSAD #5 and MSAD #50 audits are forthcoming.  The Committee further discussed the MacDougal School boiler and agreed that the work should be covered by MSAD #5 not the RSU.  Therefore, the finance committee recommends that these funds be transferred.  Goals will be established at a subsequent meeting.  The next meeting of the Committee will be on Thursday, October 8, 2009 at 6:00PM. 


e.  PERSONNEL & NEGOTIATIONS.  Jamie Doubleday, Chair, thanked the committee for all their untiring work on the negotiations process.  The goals of the Committee is to have successful negotiations before the end of the school year.  The remainder of the report will be given in executive session. 


f.  POLICY.  James Kalloch, Committee Chair, reported on a recent meeting held September 15th.  85% of policies have been transferred from MSAD #5 and MSAD #50 to RSU #13.  The goals of the committee are to: 1) consolidate as many policies as we can by the end of the year, 2) renumber (numerically) all the policies and have them on the website.  The next meeting was scheduled for October 20th, but was given over to a special meeting of the Board.


g.  TECHNOLOGY.  Loren Andrews, Chair, reported that the Committee will present its goals at the next meeting.  The committee discussed staff and student email accounts, as well as the inventory of what the RSU owns.  From there the Committee can form a plan for capital projects.  The Technology Plan is scheduled for review so the committee will probably be meeting twice a month.  The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 6:30PM.


h.  REGION 8.  Josiah Wilson, Board representative, reported on his attendance at a recent meeting.  He noted that MCST is scheduled for their five-year review in October.  Further recommended that another alternate be selected to serve on the Region 8 Board to provide the RSU with full voting rights.  Next meeting will be October 28th.


i.  MANY FLAGS/ONE CAMPUS.  Jamie Doubleday reported that we are still awaiting the application be be presented from the Department of Education.  It is hoped that we will receive it by the end of October.  No further business to report.




a.  PRESENTION OF 21ST CENTURY LEARNING COMMUNITIES GRANT AT RDHS.  Shannon Parker, Adult and Community Education Director, spoke regarding the Rockland After School Alliance; which is an after-school arts enrichment grant for the RSU.  She outlined the qualifications and commitment that is required for the program.  Questions were asked, and items of general interest were discussed.  NO ACTION.


b.  DISCUSSION OF PLANS TO DETERMINE SCHOOL USE CONFIGURATION.  The Superintendent distributed information regarding the District’s schools.  There are five components to closing a school:  1) enrollment projections, 2) how children will be educated, 3) effective date of the school closing, 3) transportation costs, and 5) disposition of the building.  There was a general discussion, with the outcome being a special meeting on Thursday, October 20, 2009 at 6:30PM.  NO ACTION.




It was moved by Jamie Doubleday and seconded by Greg Hamlin to approve the Superintendent’s and Finance Committee’s recommendation to transfer $30,436 from the contingency account as follows:  $30,436 be transferred from the Maintenance Contingency Account to MacDougal Operations and Maintenance: from 100-000-2620-59000-90 to 100-0000-2600-54300-14.  12 FOR (927) 1 OPPOSED (Wilson/72). VOTED.




It was moved by Jamie Doubleday and seconded by Julie Sanborn to approve a $2,000 stipend for a District Webmaster for the 2009-2010 school year.


Discussion followed. 


The vote on the motion was then taken:  9 FOR (687)  4 OPPOSED (Dyer, Kalloch, Messing, Wilson/312). VOTED.



Policy EEA Student Transportation Services was postponed until November 4, 2009.  NO ACTION.




It was moved by Sally Carleton and seconded by Josiah Wilson to approve Policy IHBG – Home Schooling – in first reading.  13 FOR (999).  VOTED.



Superintendent reported that this wording had been presented and approved by the Union representatives.


It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by Sally Carleton to approve the RSU 13 Sick Leave Bank as presented.  12 FOR (927) 1 OPPOSED (Wilson/72). VOTED.



It was moved by Patricia Wotton and seconded by Esther Kilgour to approve the following extra-curricular personnel:

Jason Foster                       RDHS Girls Varsity Basketball Assistant

Christine Clayton              RDHS Girls JV Basketball Head Coach

12 FOR (927) 1 ABSTENTION (Wilson/72). VOTED.

It was moved by Sally Carleton and seconded by Esther Kilgour to approve the nomination of Holly Merrow as Title IA Math Teacher at South School for the 2009-2010 school year.  13 FOR (999). VOTED.



A discussion was held regarding the impending flu season and what precautions the District was taking.



The following meetings have been scheduled:

                a.  Curriculum Committee                            October 6th                         6:30PM

                b.  Finance Committee                                  October 8th                         6:30PM

                c.  Facilities & Transportation                      October 13th                       5:30PM

                d.  Technology Committee                           October 15th                       6:30PM

                e.  Special Meeting                                          October 20th                       6:30PM

                f.  Activities Committee                                 October 27th                       6:00PM

                g.  School Board                                                                November 5th                    6:30PM



It was moved by Jamie Doubleday and seconded by Esther Kilgour that the Board go into executive session for the purpose of collective bargaining (1 MRSA Sub-section 405(6)(D)).  13 FOR (999).  VOTED.


Into executive session at 8:35PM.  Out of executive session at 8:49PM.



It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by Steven Dyer that the meeting be adjourned.  13 FOR (999). VOTED.


Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM.                                 









                                                Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli, Secretary/RSU #13 Board of Directors