Special Meeting of October 20, 2009


RSU 13 School Board Special Meeting

6:30PM Tuesday, October 20, 2009  

McLain Building


1.  Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum


2.  Pledge of Allegiance


3.  Business Items:


a.  Presentation of Administrative plan for student placements – Dr. Judith Lucarelli and affected  

     school administrators will be available to answer questions.


b.  Review of physical condition of MacDougal School – John Spear/Scott Hall


c.  Timeline for closure:

1.  Maintenance requirements of leaving MacDougal open 1 year to 3 years

2.  Legal requirements for school closure

3.  Issues with tenant – Broadreach Family Services

4.  Financial analysis of closing

5.  Next steps


4.  Adjournment