Technology Report for September 28, 2009

Technology Report

September 28, 2009


Administrative: The vacant position was filled in late August with Matthew Calder. Matt had worked with MSAD 50 in 2007 before his family moved to Alabama. Matt has a degree in chemical engineering from Mississippi State University.


An urgent project is increasing the bandwidth for GVHS and RDHS. Currently we are waiting on E-Rate approval to move ahead on that project.


We are also beginning the process of putting together the committee to develop a 2010-2013 technology plan.


Data: The major project has been Infinite Campus implementation. This has required us to convert data from seven servers into one database. This process began in mid-July and was finished the Friday before classes started. This left us with the large process of cleaning up data, enrolling new students and making changes to staff and students. Currently we are working hard to make deadlines for interim report cards, six-week grades and state reporting. Teacher are attempting to set up their grade books to varying degrees of success.


Challenges remain. Additional setup will be required to provide services for parents and students. Realistically this will not happen for the first semester and I am told by our data coordinator that it will be a challenge to implemented it this  school year. We are still hoping to have it in place second semester but that will be a significant challenge.


Network: The main work since July 1st. revolves around consolidating services and provide access to servers on east and west sides such as NutriKids, ADS financial software systems. The network administrator has also been providing backup for the Infinite Campus implementation.


Web: The district web master has worked with a vendor to develop the site. He is now in the processes of training staff who will be charged with updating building and department pages. 


Field Services: Tasks included normal summer maintenance and the deployment of new MacBook laptops in grades 7-12. Temporary help for laptop deployment allowed laptops to be ready for the start of school.  All are now in the hands of students. All devices in the St. George lab were replace over the summer. Redeployment of laptops to K-6 grade levels remain to be done.  MLTI teacher laptops still need to be processed for shipment back to the state.