Minutes for September 24, 2009

Agenda - RSU13 – Technology Committee Meeting
Thursday, September 24, 2009 – 6:30PM – McLain School



Committee or Visitors


  Loren Andrews, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli


  Patti Moran Wotton

 Glenn Eichel

  Greg Hamlin


  Steve Dyer

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

Time IN:

Time OUT:   


Results / Follow Up





Agenda Items:

1.       Develop Goals for the Year

2.       Staff and Student Email

3.       NutriKids

4.       Capital Planning

5.       Policies: What Has Been Approved

• Admin

• Network

• Field Service

• Data


6.       Technology Plan Committee

7.       Upcoming Technology Projects


1. Loren will continue to work on goals and have them ready for the November board meeting.


2.  Glenn presented information on student email on west and east sides. Discussion centered on the use of email as a learning tool


3. NutriKids issues are being resolved by Charles Butler.


4. Glenn will prepare a report on inventory for the October 15th meeting.


5. Glenn provided an update on technology areas.


6. Board volunteers for the technology planning committee were requested.


7. Glenn provided and overview of upcoming technology projects



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