Goals of the Facilities and Transportation Committee


Facility Planning - Physical Plant; Building, Structures

Perform a Facilities Audit of all 11 buildings including an evaluation of staffing patterns.  This is the basis / base line for a Facilities Capital Plan for the RSU.   As we proceed we will also propose and Review Cost Savings Ideas - projects and Ideas.




Implement State Transportation Software as soon as practical.  Included in this is defining a working solution for:


(i)   Determining the best start and end times for schools as it relates to transportation and proposed curriculum.

(ii)  Evaluate staffing patterns

(iii) Determine Single vs. Double Bus Runs

(iv)  Most Efficient Bus Routes taking into consideration:

a)    Student Densities

b)    Number of buses needed (including bus size)

c)    Evaluating using Van or wagons when deemed appropriate

d)    Determining a walking plan

e)    Determine number and location of clustered bus stops

f)    Determine efficient number of students per bus run