Agenda for October 2009


RSU 13 School Board Meeting

6:30 pm Thursday, October 1, 2009

McLain School

1.      Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum

2.      Pledge of Allegiance

3.      Adjustments to the Agenda

4.      Public Participation: Citizens are welcome to speak to matters before the Board

5.      Communications

6.      Consent Agenda

a.       Consideration of Minutes of Regular Meeting of September 3, 2009

b.      Final Approval of Policies in Second Reading

(1)      BBA School Board Powers and Duties

(2)      EFC Free and Reduced Price Food Services

(3)      JICDA Student Code of Conduct

c.       Teacher Nominations

(1)      Karen Nelson, half time music teacher [South and Owls Head]

d.      Appointment of Non-Employee Coaches

(1)      Richard Vannah               GVHS Boys JV Basketball

(2)      Russell Worcester             Girls Varsity Softball

(3)      Maynard Philbrook           Girls Varsity Tennis

(4)      Don Shields                      GVHS JV and Varsity Baseball

(5)      Janice Cox                        St George Girls 7th and 8th Grade Basketball

(6)      Dawn Leppanen               St George 7th and 8th Grade Softball

(7)      Troy Smith                       TGS Boys 7th & 8th Grade Basketball

(8)      Erik Nelson                      TGS 7th and 8th Grade Softball

(9)      Matt Breen                       RDHS Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach

(10)  Larry Reed                        RDHS Boys Head JV/Varsity Asst

(11)  Teel Foster                       RDHS Girls Varsity Head Coach

(12)  Jason Foster                     RDHS Girls Varsity Assistant 

(13)  Becky Howard                 RDHS Varsity Cheering Head Coach

(14)  Heather Brown                 RDHS Varsity Cheering Asst

(15)  Holly Mazzeo                   RSU 13 Middle School Winter Cheering Assistant Coach

(16)  Keenan Flanagan             RDMS Boys 7th Grade Basketball Head Coach 

(17)  Daniel McNichol              RDMS Girls 7th Grade Basketball Head Coach

(18)  Danielle McNichol           RDMS Girls 7th Grade Basketball Assistant Coach

(19)  Karl Meklin                      RDMS Boys 8th Grade Basketball Head Coach 

(20)  Dan Flanagan                   RDMS Girls 8th Grade Basketball Head Coach 

(21)  Andrea Curtis                   RDMS Winter Cheering Head Coach   

(22)  Holly Mazzeo                   RDMS Winter Cheering Assistant Coach

(23)  Rachel McKenney            RDMS Winter Cheering Assistant Coach

(24)  Joe Nelsen                        RDHS Varsity Baseball Assistant Coach  

(25)  Benji Blake                       RDHS Girls Varsity Tennis Head Coach 

(26)  Matt Breen                       RDMS Baseball Assistant Coach 

(27)  Gene Drinkwater             RDMS Softball Head Coach 

(28)  Kristi Stone                      RDMS Softball Assistant Coach 

e.       Approval of Thomaston Grammar School Fundraising Projects for 8th Grade Class Trip

(1)      Pizza Card Sales: estimated $700

(2)      Carnival: estimated $1000

(3)      Candle Sales: $1200

7.      Report of the Superintendent

8.      Report of the Chair

9.      Committee Reports: Goals for the Year

a.       Activities: Esther Kilgour

b.      Curriculum: Sally Carleton

c.       Facilities & Transportation: Greg Hamlin

d.      Finance & Insurance: Brian Messing

e.       Personnel & Negotiations: Jamie Doubleday

f.        Policy: James Kalloch

g.       Technology:  Loren Andrews

h.      Mid Coast School of Technology: James Kalloch

i.        Many Flags/One Campus: Jamie Doubleday

10.  Business Items

a.       Presentation on 21st Century Learning Communities Grant at Rockland District High School

b.      Discussion of Plans to Determine School Use Configuration

c.       Approval of $30,436 Contingency Transfer for Maintenance at MacDougal School

d.      Approval of Webmaster Stipend for $2000 for the 2009-2010 School Year

e.       Approval of Policies in Second Reading

(1)      EEA Student Transportation Services

f.        Consideration of Policies in First Reading

(1)      IHBG Home Schooling

g.       Approval of RSU 13 Sick Leave Bank

h.      Collective Bargaining (in Executive Session)

11.  Announce Upcoming Meetings:  all are at McLain School

a.       Curriculum Committee 6:30 pm October 6th

b.      Finance Committee 6 pm October 8th

c.       Facilities & Transportation Committee 5:30 pm October 13th

d.      Technology Committee 6:30 pm 15th

e.       Policy Committee 5:30 pm October 20th

f.        Activities Committee 6:30 pm October 27th

g.       School Board 6:30 pm November 5th

12.  Adjournment