Minutes of August 18, 2009


Agenda - RSU13 – Policy Committee Meeting
Tuesday, August 18, 2009 – 5:30PM – McLain School



Committee or Visitors


  Jim Kalloch, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli

 Lynn Snow

  Steven Dyer

 Todd Johnston


  Jamie Doubleday



  Ruth Anne Hohfeld



Time IN: 5:30

Time OUT: 7:00  



Results / Follow Up





Agenda Items:

1.       Review first reading policies

2.       Revise Purchasing Policy

3.       Start on Transportation policies

4.       New Policy Coding System

5.       Prioritize Policies that Remain

6.       Plans for the Year






1.       Edits were made to 3 policies, to be emailed to the Board for final approval 9/3

2.       Edits were made for final consideration by the Board 9/3.

3.       A draft of the Transportation Policy was reviewed for first reading 9/3.

4.       The coding system will be discussed further at a future meeting

5.       Prepare an umbrella Student Discipline Policy for first reading 9/3.

6.       Work towards having a paperless policy book, posting all policies to the website.








Lynn Snow, parent of a GVHS senior, was present requesting a waiver of the graduation requirement for a second physical education course so her daughter could take a fine arts course. The committee told her the waiver would have to be presented to the Board for consideration.

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