Minutes of September 1, 2009






September 1, 2009


Committee Members Present        :           S. Carleton, L. Andrews, G. Emery, J. Sanborn,

                                                                        P. Moran-Wooton

Other Board Members Present      :           R.A. Hohfeld, J. Doubleday

Staff Members Present                   :           J. Lucarelli, T. Wright, N. Guyer

Others Present                                 :           RSU 13 east side parent


I.              Call to order:


This meeting was called to order by Chair Carleton at 6:30 PM.


II.         Update on GT program development – T. Wright.


            Dr. Tom Wright, RSU 13 Special Project Coordinator, shared his emerging perceptions regarding the status of GT programming for both the east & west sides of the district noting that a general lack of structure was evident. While many worthwhile and student-centered endeavors are being implemented, Dr. Wright clarified that he intends to work with the existing faculty to:


·         Clarify the intent of the program.

·         Unify the criteria for eligibility district-wide.

·         Implement measures and tools for evaluating program effectiveness.

·         Shift the focus of planning and implementation to personalized learning plans.

·         Institute procedures and norms that directly involve the students in the creation of their learning plans.

·         Promote the role of teacher as a learning facilitator rather than a provider of service.

·         Explore and recommend options for extending GT programming & services to 9-12.


The Committee requested that a report be given at the October 2009 meeting to highlight recommendations forthcoming from the ad hoc GT Committee that recently completed its work.


Dr, Wright will report back to the Committee at the December 2009 meeting regarding GT program development progress.


III.           Review and discussion of sample policies – Curriculum Development & Adoption - N. Guyer


The committee reviewed and discussed three sample policies guiding Curriculum Development & Adoption – the former east and west side documents, and a sample policy from MSAD 15. The committee members agreed that the general language with the east and west side document should be retained without specifying a specific timetable or schedule for regular curriculum review. Additionally it was agreed that policy language should be included that would stipulate that when new initiatives or major program changes are pursued, that any such proposals for Curriculum Committee and ultimately BOD consideration should include:


·         Data and information regarding the factors suggesting the need for change.

·         The intended outcomes of the change that will benefit or enhance teaching and learning.

·         The data and metrics that will be utilized to track and assess progress towards intended outcomes.


N. Guyer and Supt. Lucarelli will prepare a draft policy document to be reviewed at the October 2009 meeting:




IV.       Update on curriculum initiatives – N. Guyer


N. Guyer shared documents and provided an overview of the district-wide writing assessment that will be conducted for grade K-9 in late September, culminating in joint east and west side  teacher workshop activities on October 9, 2009.


V.        Agenda items for next meeting:


·         Report out of recommendation from the ad hoc GT Committee – P. Moran-Wooton

·         Consideration of draft policy for Curriculum Development & Adoption – J. Lucarelli & N. Guyer

·         Review of RSU 13 Professional Development & Assessment Calendar


Vl.       Date, time, and location of the next meeting:


            The RSU 13 Curriculum Committee will meet again on Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 6:30 PM.

            Meeting location will be the Superintendent’s Office at the McLain Building.


VII.      Other/Adjourn.


            This meeting was adjourned by Chair Carleton at approximately 8:07 PM.