Agenda for 9/8/09


Agenda - RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
Sept 8th, 2009 – 5:30 pm McLain Building





 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 Judy Lucarelli

 Jim Kalloch


 John Spear

 George Emery


 Scott Hall

Time IN: 5:30 pm

Time OUT: xx:xx pm

 Todd Johnston


Results / Follow Up


Review and make changes to this agenda.







Goal for 2010 – Facilities Audit

Goal for 2010 – Implement State Transportation Software

Discuss what are the roles, responsibilities and objectives for the F&T committee this coming year. Any changes?

Update bus parking at RDHS

Update status of two new buses that are on order.

Update replacement of bus involved in accident last April

Review summer maintenance projects/activities

Update MacDougal School boiler and other safety improvements.











q Next meeting: Tuesday Oct 13th





Date, Topic TBD

q Comments, Questions, Concerns,
Problems, or Praise