Minutes of June 15, 2010






June 15, 2010


Committee Members Present         :           S. Carleton, L. Andrews, G. Emery, P. Moran-Wotton, Other Board Members Present     :           R.A. Hohfeld

Staff Members Present                    :           N. Guyer, T. Martin

Others Present                                  :           none

Location                                             :           Superintendent’s Office – McLain Building


I.              Call to order:


This meeting was called to order by Sally Carleton, Curriculum Committee Chair, at 6:30 PM.


II.          Update on MacDougal School/UMO Literacy Partnership. T. Martin:


            Principal Martin provided a comprehensive review of the initial year of partnership activities and accomplishments inclusive of work artifacts and teacher impressions, achievement data, and parent/teacher survey results.  In total, the partnership is seen to be having a significant, positive impact in terms of improved teaching and learning. The partnership will be expanded to include a wider group of teachers as this project enters its second year within the new configuration at South School.  Highlighted within anticipated activities for the coming school year are plans to:


·         Confirm the position of a second ‘literacy coach’ – this role will be fulfilled by Principal Martin.

·         Continue the development of a more narrative-based report card with continuing input from faculty and parents.

·         Involve teachers in graduate level courses offered on-site as a core component of partnership activities and continuing professional development. 


            Principal Martin shared his vision that South School will become a ‘laboratory school’ for the            MidCoast region, where best practice literacy models will be showcased and developed in     continued collaboration with the University of Maine.


III.         Overview of 2009-2010 RSU 13 Writing Assessment Results.  N. Guyer:


            Due to the lack of full reporting by schools to date, specific outcome data could only be shared for grades K, 1, & 9.  Neal Guyer review these results and walked committee members through the different reporting elements that will be included in the finalized report.  It is anticipated that all school results will be available within the week of June 14th, and that finalized results will be available on the district’s assessment website location before the end of June. It was also noted that work plans for the summer include:


·         Auditing faculty feedback and suggestions regarding the K-8 process, making necessary modification and selecting assessment prompts for 2010-2011.

·         A 8-12 working group will expand the high school writing assessment system, create a unified assessment rubric that will be instituted across the RSU, and align writing standards with the newly adopted Common Core Literacy Standards.




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IV.        Consideration/discussion of the K-8 administrative team’s plan for piloting a trimester schedule across the RSU for 2010-2011.  N. Guyer


            Neal Guyer distributed a draft schedule outlining the K-8 Administrative Team’s plans to pilot a trimester assessment and reporting system for grade K-8 in 2010-2011. It was explained that the major intent is to better coordinate the assessments utilized to guide instruction, and increase the amount of instructional time between reporting periods.  The trimester system also aligns more productively with the flow and sequencing of the Response to Intervention (RTI) model that will be expanded across these grades next year.


            Within this plan, trimesters would run as follows:


            1st trimester       08/30/10 – 11/23/10       - Report Cards Issued December 10th

            2nd trimester       11/29/10 – 03/04/11       - Report Cards Issued March 18th

            3rd trimester       03/07/10 – 06/15/11       - Report Cards Issued June 15th


            Committee members endorsed this pilot plan and will receive updates regarding this throughout next year.


V.        Other/Adjourn:          


            Loren Andrews shared a power point presentation that he created that begins to outline a comprehensive vision for curriculum and programs for RSU 13.  Committee members viewed this brief presentation that highlighted the importance of literacy initiatives, expeditionary learning, and rigorous secondary and post secondary preparation.  Loren suggested the continued development of this presentation with expanded administrative and board participation – in hopes that it could become a communication tool for community presentations and discussions regarding the vision and goals for RSU 13. The committee strongly supported this effort and requested that this material be shared with the administrative team for their input and suggestions.  Further work on this will occur at administrative team sessions during the summer and at a planned joint administrative team and school board workshop also planned for the summer.


            Committee members agreed that the next meeting of the Curriculum Committee will occur in September of 2010.


            This meeting was adjourned by Sally Carleton at approximately 8:15 PM.