Minutes from June 8, 2010

RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
June 8th, 2010 – 5:30 pm McLain Building




 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 Scott Hall

 Jim Kalloch

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

 Todd Johnston

 George Emery

 Judy Lucarelli

 Peter Roche

Time IN: 5:30 pm

Time OUT: 6:30 pm



Results / Follow Up


q  Review and Make Changes to this Agenda.




Old Business

  • Add Air Quality at Thomaston Grammar School. Are the Four Transfer Fans in?

  • Facility Audit Update – Progress and State School Building Construction Application schedules.  Due June 15th


  • Bus Radio License Status - Update
    Last we heard we had passed the paper hurdles. However, due to backlogs in could be another 2-3 weeks before we get the licenses, 


  • Update on the Transportation Software



  • MacDougal School – Progress/Update.






  • Electrical Issues - We will be reviewing the Fire alarms systems in Gilford Butler and Owls Head schools.


Nothing New to Report (NNTR)


Updated copy was presented.  Essentially the same as reported at the board meeting with minor changes. Note: This Four page format replaces the multi sheet formats used earlier.


We have a temporary license with plans on getting the final permanent one around September.




Not Much New to Report (NMNTR) Week 10 was this past Friday June 4th.  Joe knight is working the “Infinite Campus” to “Transfinder” data entry issues and Scott Hall is working the Diver, Bus, Age, and Capacity entries. 


The bidding and acceptance went to Allied Movers / Fox and Ginn for $10,800.  This was under our budget by $1,900.  Boxes, tape and labels will be supplied and will be on site Monday June 14th for teachers to pack.  The move will be the week of July 19th


We are all set to do as a summer project.  One building will be done as soon as practical.  The other will wait just a bit to see “if” we can save a couple of thousand by pulling the equipment out of MacDougal.

New Business

·         Use of double bus runs next year and the effect on School Start times and the communication of same (Board and Public)





·         Maine LabPack, Inc. Chemical Facility Audit Results for the West Side.

·         Department of Labor Audit results and feedback.  








  • Committee Goals – Update - We need to define what it is we want to report to the board for our goals for next year. 








  • Year End Report to the Board


·         Do we need a July or Aug Meeting?





Judy passed out a “draft” working copy of the proposed bus runs for next year with start times of 7:30 am for higher grades and 8:30 am for lower.  Todd and Scott are working on what needs to happen on the west side in order to have double bus runs.  What was heard at the last Board meeting is that the board wants input into this discussion and a meeting will be held in June for a decision by July 1st.  Key factors and timing include Pre-School supervision, Clustered bus stops, and walking zones. Much of which will be the following year.  However the board needs to have a very clear understanding of what and why we are doing so as to support and communicate to each respective community. 







The West side uses and prepaid last year Maine LabPack, Inc. to perform its Chemical Audits.  They have done so and submitted its results.  The East side was unaware of such Audit or they would have done the same.  Overall the results are very satisfactory with a few issue that need correction:

GVHS: Most were written up for some liquids that needed labeling, MSDS sheets that needed updating and some chemicals that have expired and should be disposed of as hazardous waste.  St. George:  All area were Satisfactory.  Thomaston Grammar: One chemical was found that did not have a MSDS sheet. A washing system “seems” to not been used and cleaning agent s/b removed.  The Maintenance shed needs a lock as it is a storage area. Some chemicals were found to dated and s/b removed.  Laura Libby:  All Satisfactory except one fire extinguisher was missing its maintenance tag. Lastly, Cushing: All areas were Satisfactory. 


On 12/16/2009 the Dept of Labor performed a four day inspection as outlined by OSHA.  They subsequently sent a report received January 6th 2010 outlining their findings.  All Items must be and were corrected by the April 15th deadline. Citations had to be posted in those locations where they were found and then corrected.  Examples of some infractions: Garage: Documented inspection of Hydraulic Jacks, Missing or improper shield guards, Welding rod sticks when not in use should not be in the welder. Central Office:  Extension cords should not be used as permanent wiring. Many of the electrical issues throughout were presented to the board as issues being addressed.  Five of the citations came with Penalties adding up to $5k that may be waved based on the cost of fixing said citations. Peter Roche will be going to Augusta next Tuesday June 15th to present out case for such waiver. Those included proper documentation of Hepatitis shots, Annual Training of employees with exposure, having a written Chemical Hygiene Plan, Lack of a written Hazard communications plan. Last of a written plan on use of respirators specific to the work place. 



Folks should be thinking about out 2010-2011 goals: Some might be: 

(*) Making the Transportation software program Operational and effective.

(*) Building a five year capital Plan outlining those larger capital outlays like; Roof, Boilers, parking lots, Energy Audits, etc.

(*) Follow-up on any State Construction Applications
(*) Site visit by the committee in August.



Greg will put something together. 



Yes in July



Next meeting:  Tuesday July 13th




Comments, Questions, Concerns, Problems, or Praise