Budget Meeting of April 14, 2010

RSU 13 Budget Workshop Minutes

Wednesday, 4/14/10

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm by Chair Ruth Anne Hohfeld. 

Board members present: Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Jamie Doubleday, Loren Andrews, Steven Dyer, George Emery, Gregory Hamlin, James Kalloch, Esther Kilgour, Brian Messing, Josiah Wilson, Patricia Moran-Wotton, Sally Carleton

Absent excused: Julie Sanborn

The Pledge to the flag was conducted.

1.      Presentation of Remaining Accounts:  Adult Education Director Shannon Parker presented the proposed Adult Education Budget.

2.      Board Discussion and Questions:  Board members requested the following data, which will be available at the 4/14 work session.

§  Specify what maintenance projects were considered but not included for Lura Libby School and GVHS: all maintenance projects considered have been included in the budget.

§  Examine monies budgeted for snow plowing by school: the variation est/west is based on the differences in the basis for plowing bids and the amount of plowing done by staff instead of contracting.

§  Examine monies budgeted for mowing by school, and the apparent redundancy at RDHS: similar response to plowing; one mowing line at RDHS is redundant wand will be removed.

§  Check whether there is redundancy in the amounts budgeted for HVAC at Saint George: one HVAC line is redundant and will be removed.

§  Analyze current balances in heating oil to decide what is needed for next year: balances are due to the light winter; recommend maintaining the same projected usage for 10-11.

§  Address whether the elevator at the football field is in use and associated costs: the elevator is not in use and there is no cost for it.

§  Identify what money is raised through fundraising by each RSU 13 athletic team this year: information provided.

§  Specific laptop repairs this year and how much was collected from parents for this: list of specific repairs provided.

§  Provided specific savings from the RSU 13 maintenance/transportation facility: specific budgeted costs are included in the Transportation budget.  Savings will not be final until bus routes based on software are complete.

§  Specify the cost of teachers paid for 2 days due to the closing of MacDougal School: this is listed in the Title 2A budget in the Fund 2 Grants budget in the notebook.

§  Explain the revenue and cost share impact of the budget: Superintendent reviewed this.

§  Provide evidence that we are meeting the needs of special education students: this is determined by reviewing individual IEP’s.  This is addressed annually for each student and is part of a state audit every 5 years.

§  Provide information on class sizes for 2010-2011: spreadsheet provided

§  Further information on Administrative cost savings from 08-09 to 10-11: to be provided

3.      Moved by Steve Dyer, seconded by Josiah Wilson to go into executive session to discuss students.  Motion carried unanimously.

Entered Executive  Session at 7:43 pm.

Returned to public Session at 8:31 pm.

Moved by Sally Carleton, seconded by George Emery to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:35 pm.





                                    Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli, Secretary/RSU #13 Board of Directors