Minutes for March 11, 2010

Finance Committee Meeting

March 11, 2010





Committee:  Brian Messing [Chair], Steven Dyer, Greg Hamlin, Josiah Wilson


Other Attendees:  Judith Lucarelli, Peter Roche, Patricia Wotton


§  A status of the 2009/2010 budget was presented by Peter Roche and questions were answered.  There are no major problems with the current budget.  A separate analysis by Brian Messing came to the same conclusion.


§  The ARRA Stabilization Fund grant has been submitted and approved by the Department of Education.   Submittal included a list of expenditures that would be paid by the fund.  A request was made that the status of IDEA and Title I grants be included at the next meeting.


§  Data was presented by the Superintendent on the Food Service program.  The current financial problem has to do with a la carte sales.  Additional information will be supplied.


§  The new oil bid was awarded to Maritime Energy at $2.349/gallon.  The current rate is $2.055/gallon and the increase was not as great as anticipated.


The next meeting is Thursday, April 8, 2010.