Agenda for May 6, 2010


RSU 13 School Board Meeting

6:00 pm Thursday, May 6, 2010

McLain School

NOTE:  The meeting will begin 30 minutes before normal time with an executive session. 

It is anticipated that the Executive Session will end no sooner than 6:30 pm.

1.      Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum

2.      Collective Bargaining and Personnel (in Executive Session)

3.      Pledge of Allegiance

4.      Adjustments to the Agenda

5.      Public Participation: Citizens are welcome to speak to matters before the Board (up to 30 minutes total)

6.      Communications

7.      Consent Agenda

a.       Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of April 1, 2010, Budget Work Sessions of April 5, 7, 12, and 14, and Special Budget Meeting of April 26, 2010.

b.      Reduction of Custodian at McLain School from 4 hr/day to 2 hr/day

c.       Approval of Policies in Second Reading

(1)      Policy 2.02 Graduation Requirements Policy and Procedures

d.      Employment of Fall Coaches Who Are Not Regular Employees of RSU 13

(1)      Tim Hoppe are GVHS Varsity Golf Coach

(2)      Darryl Townsend as GVHS Varsity Girls Soccer Coach

(3)      David Banda at GVHS JV Girls Soccer Coach

(4)      Scott Johnson as GVHS Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

(5)      Richard Barratt as RDHS Assistant Football Coach

(6)      Karl Meklin as RDHS Assistant Football Coach

(7)      Rick Bagnall as RDHS Assistant Football Coach

(8)      Keenan Flanagan as RDHS Head Golf Coach

(9)      Shawn Hiller as RDHS Asst/JV Boys Soccer Coach

(10)  Becky Howard as RDHS Head Fall Cheering Coach [funded outside budget]

(11)  Wes Drinkwater as RDMS volunteer Assistant Football Coach

(12)  Andrea Garver at RDMS Head Field Hockey Coach

(13)  Andrea Curtis as RDMS Head Fall Cheering Coach [funded outside budget]

e.       Approval of 2010-2011 School Calendar

8.      Reports

a.       Report of the Superintendent

(1)      Enrollments

(2)      Status of Construction Applications

b.      Report of the Chair

c.       Report on K-5 Transition Planning

(1)      Todd Martin

(2)      Kathy Hollicker

9.      Business Items

a.       Action on Superintendent’s Nominations of Probationary Teachers

(1)      To a First Continuing Contract:

Jesse Bartke, Special Education Teacher, east

Nicholas Blais, Social Studies Teacher, east

Joanna Hall, Physical Education Teacher, east

Audra Hilchey, Elementary Teacher, west

Karen Matthews, Special Education Teacher, east

Beverly Pacheco, Vocal Music Teacher, west

Matthew Petrie, Physical Education, east [0.9 FTE]

Dianne Possee, School Psych Examiner, east

Kirsten Reuter, Elementary Teacher, east

Adam Roberge, Science Teacher, east

Donna Tochterman, Elementary Teacher, east

Christina Wotton, Special Education Teacher, west

(2)      To a Second Probationary Contract:

Adam Bullard, Special Education Teacher, east

Hope Hersom, Guidance Counselor, east

John Hodges, Science Teacher, west

Jessica Hutchins, Elementary Teacher, east

Victoria Johnson, Special Education Teacher, west

Andrea Lovell, Reading Interventionist Teacher, west

Karen Nelson, Music Teacher , east [0.9 FTE]

Lori Taylor, Literacy Coach, east

Benjamin Tripp, Elementary Teacher, east

Sheri Webert, Speech, east

Jennifer West, Special Education, east

b.      Approval of Proposed 2010-2011 Budget

(1)      Approve Proposed 2010-2011 Budget and Sign Warrants

(2)      Schedule Informational Meetings:

6 pm Monday, May 24th at McLain School [televised]

6 pm Tuesday, May 25th at Georges Valley High School

(3)      Schedule District Meeting to Approve the Budget: 6 pm Tuesday June 1st at RDHS

(4)      Schedule Budget Validation Referendum: June 8th in each town

c.       Consideration of Revised Charter for High School Study Group

d.      Appoint Committee to Name Secondary Schools

10.  Committee Reports and Upcoming Meetings

a.       Activities: Esther Kilgour                                                       next meeting 5:00 pm May 27th

b.      Curriculum: Sally Carleton                                                      next meeting 6:30 pm May 4th

c.       Facilities & Transportation: Greg Hamlin                               next meeting 5:30 pm May 11th

d.      Finance & Insurance: Brian Messing                                       next meeting 6:00 pm May 13th

e.       Personnel & Negotiations: Jamie Doubleday

f.        Policy: James Kalloch                                                              next meeting 5:30 pm May 18th   

g.       Technology:  Loren Andrews                                                  next meeting 6:30 pm May 15th

h.      Mid Coast School of Technology: James Kalloch                    next meeting 7:00 pm May 26th

i.        Many Flags/One Campus: Jamie Doubleday

11.  Adjournment


The next Regular Meeting of the RSU 13 School Board will be Thursday, June 3rd, at 6:30 pm.