Budget Meeting of April 12, 2010

RSU 13 Budget Workshop Minutes

Monday, 4/12/10: School Based Cost Centers

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm by Chair Ruth Anne Hohfeld. 

Board members present: Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Jamie Doubleday, Loren Andrews, Steven Dyer, George Emery, Gregory Hamlin, James Kalloch, Esther Kilgour, Brian Messing, Josiah Wilson, Patricia Moran-Wotton, Sally Carleton

Absent excused: Julie Sanborn

The Pledge to the flag was conducted.

1.      Superintendent’s Presentation of All Remaining Accounts:  Superintendent Judy Lucarelli reviewed System Administration, Transportation, Operations & Maintenance, and remaining accounts.

2.      Board Discussion and Questions:  Board members requested the following data, which will be available at the 4/14 work session.

§  Specify what maintenance projects were considered but not included for Lura Libby School and GVHS.

§  Examine monies budgeted for snow plowing by school.

§  Examine monies budgeted for mowing by school, and the apparent redundancy at RDHS.

§  Check whether there is redundancy in the amounts budgeted for HVAC at Saint George.

§  Analyze current balances in heating oil to decide what is needed for next year.

§  Address whether the elevator at the football field is in use and associated costs.

§  Identify what money is raised through fundraising by each RSU 13 athletic team this year

§  Specific laptop repairs this year and how much was collected from parents for this

§  Provided specific savings from the RSU 13 maintenance/transportation facility

§  Specify the cost of teachers paid for 2 days due to the closing of MacDougal School

§  Explain the revenue and cost share impact of the budget.

§  Provide evidence that we are meeting the needs of special education students

§  Provide information on class sizes for 2010-2011

3.      Public Input on School-Based Accounts: The following comments were raised: 

PAGE 2                                  BUDGET WORKSHOP                    April 12, 2010

§  1 person spoke about the intent of the RPC plan.

§  1 parent and 4 students spoke in support of the Janus, the regional program for high school behavior disordered students.

§  2 people spoke in support of Gifted and Talented education.

The Board indicated but did not vote that there would not be an increase in tax impact from the amount in the proposed budget.

Administration will explain in executive session at the end of the meeting on April 14 how the individual needs of students in the Janus program are proposed to be met. 

Moved by Tess Kilgour, seconded by Steve Dyer to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm.




                                    Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli, Secretary/RSU #13 Board of Directors