Budget Meeting of April 7, 2010

RSU 13 Budget Workshop Minutes

Monday, 4/7/10: School Based Cost Centers

The meeting was called to order at 6 pm by Chair Ruth Anne Hohfeld. 

Board members present: Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Jamie Doubleday, Loren Andrews, Steven Dyer, George Emery, Gregory Hamlin, James Kalloch, Esther Kilgour, Brian Messing, Julie Sanborn, Josiah Wilson, Patricia Moran-Wotton, Sally Carleton

The Pledge to the flag was conducted.

1.      Superintendent’s Presentation of All Other Accounts:  Superintendent Judy Lucarelli reviewed all other accounts beginning with Alternative Education through Student Assessment.  She will present System Administration, Transportation, Operations & Maintenance, and remaining accounts on Monday, April 12.

2.      Public Input on School-Based Accounts: The following comments were raised: 

§  3 people spoke in support of cheerleading.

§  3 people spoke in support of the Janus, the regional program for high school behavior disordered students.

§  4 people spoke in support of Gifted and Talented education.

3.      Board Discussion and Questions:  Board members requested the following data, which will be available at the 4/12 work session.

§  Report on the number of special education students

§  Clarify the reason for the differences in athletic transportation costs

§  Identify what fundraising each athletic team does this year

§  The amount of money spent on laptop repairs this year

§  Provide evidence that we are meeting the needs of special education students

§  Provide information on class sizes for 2010-2011

§  Hold 4/28 at 6 pm for a special meeting in case it is needed.

Moved by Steve Dyer, seconded by Josiah Wilson to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm.


                                                Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli, Secretary/RSU #13 Board of Directors