Agenda for April 13, 2010


RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
April 13th, 2010 – 5:30 pm McLain Building





 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 Scott Hall

 Jim Kalloch

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

 Todd Johnston

 George Emery

 Judy Lucarelli

 Peter Roche

Time IN: 5:xx pm

Time OUT: x:xx pm



Results / Follow Up


q  Review and Make Changes to this Agenda.




Old Business


  • Add Air Quality at Thomaston Grammar School
    2 - Zone fans were sent with were wrong for the mounting brackets we have.  We are seeing if we can make due.  2 – Roof fans seem to be missing in transit. 



  • Facility Audit Update – Progress and State School Building Construction Application schedules - Progress

Hope is by the May Meeting we will have a status report and by the May meeting Scott, Peter and Judy will have a draft. 



  • Bus Radio License Status

  • Progress on availability of the Transportation Software and use of double bus runs next year.


  • MacDougal School – Progress if any.


  • RDHS – Electrical Issues


  • Changes in Budgeted Maint. Projects; if any


  • Committee Goals – Update






















New Business







Next meeting:  Tuesday May 11th 





Comments, Questions, Concerns, Problems, or Praise