Agenda for April 1, 2010


RSU 13 School Board Meeting

6:00 pm Thursday, April 1, 2010

McLain School

NOTE: The meeting will begin 30 minutes before normal time with an executive session. 

It is anticipated that the Executive Session will end no sooner than 6:30 pm.

1.     Call to Order and Declaration of a Quorum

2.     Collective Bargaining and Personnel (in Executive Session)

3.     Pledge of Allegiance

4.     Adjustments to the Agenda

5.     Public Participation: Citizens are welcome to speak to matters before the Board (up to 30 minutes total)

6.     Communications

7.     Consent Agenda

a.     Approval of Minutes of Regular Meeting of March 4, 2010

b.     Approval of Leave of Absence Request from Amanda Tavernakis

c.     Authorize the Superintendent to Enter into Agreements with the Red Cross for Schools to Serve as Shelters

d.     Approval of Policies in Second Reading

(1)    1.08 School Board Use of E-Mail

(2)    3.02 Curriculum and Educational Programs

e.     Employment of Coaches Who Are Not Regular Employees of RSU 13

(1)    Wayne Judkins as Baseball Coach for SGS and TGS

(2)    Erik Nelson as Softball Coach for TGS

8.     Reports

a.     Report of the Superintendent

(1)    Enrollments

(2)    Report on Employee Transfers

(3)    Response to Extended Retirement Offer

b.     Report of the Chair

9.     Business Items

a.     Action on Elimination of Positions for 2010-2011

b.     Action on Termination of Contracts Due to Changes in Local Conditions

c.     Establish 2010-2011 Compensation for Non-Aligned Positions

d.     Presentation of Proposed 2010-2011 Budget

(1)    Review of Revenue Budget

(2)    Schedule of Budget Review Meetings: All Agendas Will Include Public Comment

6 pm April 5            Presentation of School Budgets

6 pm April 7            Presentation of All Other Accounts

6 pm April 12            Consideration of Questions Raised

6 pm April 14            Consideration of Questions Raised

6 pm April 26            Consideration of Questions Raised, Tentative Approval of Budget

e.     Consideration of Holding an Advisory Referendum on Reorganization of Secondary Schools

f.      Consideration of Process for Naming Secondary Schools

g.     Approval of Reassignment of Principals for 2010-2011

h.     Consideration of Future Use of MacDougal School

i.      Consideration of Policies in First Reading

(1)    Policy 2.02 Graduation Requirements Policy and Procedures

j.      Consideration in First reading of 2010-2011 School Calendar

10. Committee Reports and Upcoming Meetings

a.     Activities: Esther Kilgour            next meeting 5:00 pm April 29th

b.     Curriculum: Sally Carleton             next meeting 6:30 pm April 6th

c.     Facilities & Transportation: Greg Hamlin             next meeting 5:30 pm April 13th

d.     Finance & Insurance: Brian Messing             next meeting 6:00 pm April 8th

e.     Personnel & Negotiations: Jamie Doubleday

f.      Policy: James Kalloch             next meeting 5:30 pm April 27th   

g.     Technology: Loren Andrews             next meeting 6:30 pm April 15th

h.     Mid Coast School of Technology: James Kalloch            next meeting 7:00 pm April 28th

i.      Many Flags/One Campus: Jamie Doubleday

11. Adjournment


The next Regular Meeting of the RSU 13 School Board will be Thursday, May 6, at 6:30 pm.