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RSU #13 is seeking applications for an Owner Representative to oversee the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction activities pertaining to multiple School District Construction and Renovation Projects beginning this month and lasting through 2018.

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Please click the link below to view the January 19th Municipal Leader Summit Presentation.

Schools of Our Future Project Summary, approved at the March 3, 2016 School Board Meeting

Project Summary

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**DRAFT** Siemens Preliminary Report & Facility Analysis

**Energy and Air Quality Project Scope Approved By RSU #13 School Board** (This does not include necessary changes due to the movement of grades and students, nor does it include the eventual Owls Head and So. Thomaston PreK-5th Grade solution.)


Siemen's Performance Contract - May 6, 2016

RSU #13 Approved for $798,000 low interest Qualified Zone Academy Bond

Standard & Poors Gives RSU #13 an A+ rating for Lease Purchase Financing

Lease Purchase Financing Agreement - July 21, 2016

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