Minutes of February 23, 2010

Agenda - RSU13 – Policy Committee Meeting
Tuesday, February 23, 2010 – 5:30PM – McLain School



Committee or Visitors


  Jim Kalloch, Chair

 Judith Lucarelli


  Steven Dyer

 Rob Beverage

  Jamie Doubleday

 Tom Forti

  Ruth Anne Hohfeld


Time IN:

Time OUT:    


Results / Follow Up





Agenda Items:

1.       Graduation Requirements: Compare MSAD 5 and MSAD 50 policies


2.       Review First Reading Policies:

2.50 Student Computer & Internet Use Policy & Rules

4.21 Employee Computer & Internet Use Policy & Rules

2.51 Student Use of Electronic Devices


3.       Consideration of Policies for First Reading:

1.08 School Board Use of E-Mail

2.501 Student Home Use of MLTI Laptops

3.02 Curriculum and Educational Programs



1.    There was discussion with Tom Forti and Rob Beverage about the two graduation requirements policies.  Judy and the Principals will draft a policy with phase-in as necessary for consideration at the March meeting.

2.    Policies were considered and are ready for a second reading on March 4th.

3.    Policies are ready for first reading with revisions to 2.501 and 3.02


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Student Discipline policies will be addressed following the Graduation Requirements policy.

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