Minutes of Meeting on February 9, 2010


RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
Feb 9th, 2010 – 5:30 pm McLain Building





 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 Scott Hall

 Jim Kalloch

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

 Todd Johnston

 George Emery

 Judy Lucarelli

 Peter Roche

Time IN: 5:31 pm

Time OUT: 7:05 pm



Results / Follow Up


q  Review and Make Changes to this Agenda.



NNTR (Nothing New To Report)

Old Business


  • Add Air Quality at Thomaston Grammar School




  • Facility Audit Update – Progress and State School Building Construction Application schedules - Progress




  • Bus Garage Move Update













  • Progress on Many Flags Application.



  • Progress on availability of the Transportation Software





2 - Zone fans were sent with were wrong for the mounting brackets we have.  We are seeing if we can make due.  2 – Roof fans seem to be missing in transit. 


Due to lack of Resources we have NNTR. Hope is by the April Meeting we will have a status report and by the May meeting Scott, Peter and Judy will have a draft. 


Folks and buses are all moved in.  Nothing but positive things to say. The electrical work is done and so far has saved us $1,645 in electricity this month.  At this seasonal rate of savings the meters will be paid off in one month and the whole electrical upgrade of $11,500 will be paid off in under two seasons.  At which point the $1,645.00 per month savings continues. We knew there would be savings but cutting the costs in half was better than expected.


The Application is being circulated for comments.


We are signed up and waiting on the State. It was expected we would be moving on this by February 1st.


New Business


  • Appears there is a $3,000,000 shortfall instead of $2,500,000.  And the state is trying to reduce subsidy for Medicaid reimbursement we receive, which is another $200,000.

  • MacDougal School – Usage Options




  • Committee Goals – Update



  • Discuss double bus runs for next year.





  • Maintenance Projects for next year’s budget





Did not discuss implications at this meeting.





Other than communications with Broadreach there is NNTR as it also was not discussed at this meeting.


NNTR as it was not discussed.




Folks are in the process of putting numbers together but it’s looking like with all the cost reductions we need facing we will need to go to double bus runs. More to come.


Scott Hall has been working with the principals of each school to bring in next year’s proposed Maintenance Projects.  While it shows something like 16 projects in seven building it’s not complete. A couple of schools have yet to report in and several projects our out being assigned a cost.



Next meeting:  Tuesday Mar 9th 





Comments, Questions, Concerns, Problems, or Praise



-       None raised