Agenda for February 2, 2010


Tuesday, February 2, 2010 AT 6:30PM – McLain Building




Committee or Visitors

Committee or Visitors

  Sally Carleton, Chair

 Patricia Moran-Wotton

 Thomas Forti

  Loren Andrews

 Judith Lucarelli

 Mary Alice McLean

  George Emery

Neal Guyer

  Julie Sanborn  


Time IN:

Time OUT:  


Results / Follow Up


     1.     Discussion of the High School Study Group’s recommendation for a preferred reorganization option for secondary programs that would include grades 8 & 9 at GVHS and grades 10-12 at RDHS. Highlighted points will include, but not be limited to the following questions:


·         What are the core elements of the ‘vision and mission’ of this contemplated arrangement?

·         How will this proposal strengthen the curriculum and program offerings for grades 8-12?

·         How will dispirit ‘tracks’ within existing programs be reconciled – and what steps are contemplated in moving towards a standards-based system?

·         This ‘preparatory and academy model’ is offered as a way of improving student achievement – what dimensions and structures are envisioned that will support improved achievement?

·         What are the ‘Many Flag’ building blocks that are envisioned within this proposal?

·         What will be the professional development priorities if this plan moves forward?

·         What curriculum and program unification efforts need to proceed regardless of this proposal?






2.     Other/Adjourn:


·         Confirmation of the date, time, & location of the next Curriculum Committee meeting.

·         Highlight anticipated agenda items.