Minutes of December 8, 2009


Minutes RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
Dec 8th, 2009 – 5:30 pm McLain Building





 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 Toni Reed

 Jim Kalloch

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

 Scott Hall

 George Emery

 Judy Lucarelli

 Todd Johnston

Time IN: 5:32 pm

Time OUT:  6:20 pm


Results / Follow Up


q  Review and Make Changes to this Agenda.



Add Air Quality at Thomaston Grammar School and a MacDougal School Update.

Old Business


q  Facility Audit Update – A goal for 2010 - Consensus was consolidating the studies we have would be a good start point. Then compare and contrast the buildings / studies with an eye towards finding issues and identifying opportunities.  This would be a work in progress in that as we go we will adjust our activities based on the findings. John has located 10 studies and will be soliciting input from principals concerning facility shortcomings from a programmatic perspective.  With all that is going on his is not as far along as he would like to have been.



q  Progress on Bus Garage Lease.













q  MacDougal School update.







q  Progress on availability of the Transportation Software.









Contracting with John Spear for assistance with the Facility Audit and Construction Applications.






Have a draft 4 year lease from John Frye in hand which has been reviewed by our lawyers.  Noted that care should be taken that certain fixtures, like the bus timers, don’t revert to the lease owner at the end of the lease.  It was Noted that admin is reserving any free up space, at this time, in case it’s needed for storage.  Later that which is not needed will be converted to educational purposes.


Most all the projects are completed. Siemens and Nalco are working on what would be the best water treatment system for this new boiler. Judy will formally inform our tenant, Broadreach, about the particulars of the closing once the vote has been taken by the residents of Rockland. 


Judy has talked with Jim Rier at DHS and requested that we have the software in February.  He agrees and Judy will pursue.



New Business

q  Discuss setting up a Fuel Cost Stabilization fund for this coming year’s budget.

q  Progress on Many Flags Application.

q  State School Building Construction Application schedules. Integrated, Consolidated, 9-16 Educational Facilities   application form (Many Flags) is out and completed applications are due on or before 3/15/2010. New Construction/Renovation for Major Capital Improvement Program application form is scheduled to be out 11/15/2009 and completed applications are due on or before 6/15/2010. 





q  Air Quality at the Thomaston Grammar School




Agreed to review at budget time.  A new law permits schools units to establish a fuel cost stabilization fund covering both transportation and heating fuels.  The fund must be established by a separate warrant article which has disclosure of the balance, before and after and the amount expended.  Funding can be either by raising taxes or by moving surplus/available balances to that account.  The fund does have certain limits so as not to be unreasonable. The fund can’t exceed the highest cost of the past three years. This first year it would be SAD5 and SAD50 numbers added together.  Expenditures from this fund may occur without further voter approval. 

John and Allen are working to get the application ready. The Group is meeting this coming Thursday.




It is yet to be determined exactly which schools will apply for construction monies.








Starting on Dec 1st, via email and phone, staff report poor air quality at TGS.  Scott and company did some extra maintenance and cleaning of many remote locations hoping to find something. Nothing was found to account for the odor.   The additional cleaning and changing of the air handler filters helped but did not alleviate the problem.  Thayer is coming in to check the air handlers for any leaks in the handlers.  Toni Reed called upon a state inspector, Larry Mare, to help with testing the air quality. He showed up today.  The inspection found 2 rooms where the CO2 was within normal limits but on the high range.  Something that might have been the result of filters needed to be replaced; which they have been.  Otherwise, nothing was found out of the ordinary.  It is now suspected that this order maybe a rodent whom has died somewhere in the building.



Next meeting:  Tuesday Jan 12th




Update on the MacDougal Move


Update on where we stand with the Construction Applications


Update on where we stand with the facilities Audit.


Progress on Many Flags Application.


Update on Bus Garage Lease.


George and Judy will report on what the High School Study Group has for findings and recommendations.


Update on the Air Quality at TGS



Comments, Questions, Concerns, Problems, or Praise