Minutes for December 1, 2009


                    REGIONAL SCHOOL UNIT NO. 13



                                December 1, 2009


Committee Members Present        :           S. Carleton, G. Emery, P. Moran-Wotton

Other Board Members Present      :           R.A. Hohfeld,

Staff Members Present                   :           J. Lucarelli, T. Wright, T. Martin, N. Guyer

Others Present                                 :           RSU 13 parent

Location                                             :           Superintendent’s Office – McLain Building


I.              Call to order:


This meeting was called to order by Chair Carleton at 6:25 PM.


II.         Progress update on GT programming – T. Wright:


Tom Wright distributed two samples of GT – Student Learning Plans as examples of how GT services are beginning to be structured for grades 4-8 across the RSU.  These plans are intended to more directly engage qualified students in determining their strengths, weaknesses, and unique interests as learners, and to more authentically involve them in the design and implementation of targeted learning activities.  The goal for this school year is to have every qualified student complete a ‘pilot plan’ within this process in collaboration with their GT teacher.


Efforts continue to develop a similar process for secondary GT students.  Meetings involving administrators, guidance personnel, and others are on-going in order to identify policy, procedural, and quality control issues that are more significant factors in considerations at this level. The goal is to resolve these issues and have a planning process in place for the beginning of 2010-2011 academic year.


III.           Profile of the plan to pilot trimester reporting at the MacDougal School in 2009/2010 – T. Martin:


Todd Martin explained the rationale for this pilot program that would shift the MacDougal School from a system of quarterly reporting to a trimester schedule, and how this directly related to the school’s work with the University of Maine Literacy Partnership Project.  Samples of a new, more narrative-based, report card format were shared with committee members as were parent informational letters, and other documents.  Pre and post surveys will also be conducted with parents and teachers to help in assessing the impact and over-all effectiveness of this change.


If successful, this pilot initiative may be utilized to contemplate reporting changes for other RSU 13 elementary grades and will serve to unify work related to the development of common standards and literacy benchmarks.


A report back to the committee on this pilot project will be scheduled for the spring of 2010.


IV.       Review and discuss draft policy Curriculum and Educational Programs – Dr. Lucarelli, N. Guyer:


            Dr. Lucarelli reviewed a draft of this policy.  Discussion of same resulted in additional considerations for language inclusion related to promoting student engagement and the scope of assessments to be considered.  Suggested revisions will be incorporated into the draft document and will be reconsideration at a future committee meeting.


V.        Review draft of district-wide writing assessment results – N. Guyer


            Neal Guyer distributed a 1st draft of the District Writing Assessment Study for 2009 – 2010, and provided an over-view of the data contained within each section of the report.  The final section of the report pertaining to gender performance profiles will be completed and added to the over-all document in January of 2010.  Principals will conduct a final review of this document to verify accuracy, and then will proceed to utilize this information to:


·         Chart performance indicators for their individual schools.

·         Establish goals for anticipated improvements within the school year.

·         Create instructional recommendations that can be shared across all content areas that will support the attainment of established goals.

·         Determine interim progress measures and strategies that will be utilized throughout the year to track progress in individual schools.


This district-wide assessment process will be repeated in the spring of 2010 and results at that

time will be incorporated into the same document in order to display progress attained

throughout the year. Results for grades 10 and 11 will also be included in the spring version of

Writing Assessment Study.


The Writing Assessment Study will also be posted on the district’s web site along with other

pertinent data summaries.


            VI.       Agenda items for next meeting:


·         Review of world language program offerings K-8.

·         1st draft report on RSU 13 Curriculum & Program Au


VlI.      Date, time, and location of the next meeting:


            The RSU 13 Curriculum Committee will meet again on Tuesday, January 5, 2010, at 6:30 PM.


VIII.     Other/Adjourn.


            This meeting was adjourned by Chair Carleton at approximately 8:20 PM.