Minutes of Meeting of October 6, 2009





October 6, 2009


Committee Members Present        :           S. Carleton, L. Andrews, G. Emery, J. Sanborn,

                                                                        P. Moran-Wooton

Other Board Members Present      :           R.A. Hohfeld, J. Kalloch

Staff Members Present                   :           J. Lucarelli, T. Wright, N. Guyer

Others Present                                 :           RSU 13 east side parent


I.              Call to order:


This meeting was called to order by Chair Carleton at 6:30 PM.


II.         Summary of recommendations from the ad hoc GT Committee – P. Moran-Wooton: 


Patricia Moran-Wooton provided the following summary and discussed the bulleted recommendations:


“The ad hoc committee process started with a meeting which allowed the public to speak about their experiences and recommendations. Programs in the two schools start at a similar age, and serve both math and language arts. 


We found concerns in the middle school years, in the East side middle school where the upper grades heavily use technology for teaching math.


At the high school level the west side serves one student, and east side has no program.


The Committee would like to see:

·         A consistent, clearly stated procedure, including which grades students test into the program - when retested, what tests

·         Independent Learning Plan for GT students, to involve student, parent and school, and bi-annual check of plan.

·         Parent involvement: have parents aware of the program and who is the contact person.

·         GT - consider expansion from just Math and Language Arts – what about the Arts and Science?

·         Develop an Independent Study program, perhaps with presentation to panel at end of work

·         Resource list for students of available apprenticeships, Mentors, online high school and college courses and other enrichment opportunities

·         Procedure for passing students from middle school to high school to continue their GT work

·         GT training for teachers at the high school level, perhaps an inservice day used for differentiation, for curriculum compacting

·         Teachers encourage at the high school level to get GT certified

·         Pursue State reimbursement requirements with an determination to try to receive reimbursement

·         Poll of current and past students and parents”


Dr. Tom Wright provided a brief update on the progress of GT program development efforts and distributed and explained a draft document that is being piloted as a Student Learning Plan.


The committee thanked the ad hoc committee for its efforts in bringing recommendations forward.

Members were also reminded that Dr. Wright will provide an additional GT update at the December meeting.


III.           Review and discussion of DRAFT policy – Curriculum Development & Adoption - N. Guyer:


A draft of the policy was reviewed and discussed.  At the request of Dr. Lucarelli, the policy was

held over for further consideration.


IV.       Distribution and review of the RSU 13 Professional development/Assessment Calendar – N. Guyer:


            Copies of the calendar were distributed to committee members and reviewed in detail.  Highlighted were the assessment periods that will occur within the school year and the professional development steps that have been built into the calendar to support the Response To Intervention (RTI) process for grades K-8.  It was explained that the calendar is updated monthly and will serve to document all major professional development and assessment initiatives that occur throughout the year.


V.        Agenda items for next meeting:


·         2nd review of draft – Curriculum Development & Adoption Policy

·         Update on curriculum audit & writing assessment follow-up

·         Review Maine Literacy Partnership Project – MacDougal School



Vl.       Date, time, and location of the next meeting:


            The RSU 13 Curriculum Committee will meet again on Tuesday, November 3, 2009, at 6:30 PM.

            Consideration will be given to holding the November meeting at the MacDougal School.


VII.      Other/Adjourn.


            This meeting was adjourned by Chair Carleton at approximately 8:15 PM.