Minutes of August 6, 2009


Rockland, Maine

August 6, 2009      


The regular meeting of the RSU #13 Board of Directors was held on Thursday, August 6, 2009 in the Conference Room at the McLain Building. Present were:  

                                                Ruth Anne Hohfeld, Chair            South Thomaston

                                                Jamie Doubleday, Vice-Chair      Thomaston (6:35PM)

                                                Loren Andrews                                 Cushing

                                                Sally Carleton                                     Owls Head

                                                Steven Dyer                                       Rockland

                                                George Emery                                   St. George

                                                Gregory Hamlin                                                Thomaston

                                                James Kalloch                                    Rockland

                                                Esther Kilgour                                    Rockland

                                                Brian Messing                                    Rockland

                                                Julie Sanborn                                     Thomaston (7:24PM)

                                                Josiah Wilson                                     St. George (6:32PM)


Absent (excused):

                                                Patricia Wotton                                 Rockland


Meeting was called to order by the Chair at 6:30PM. She expressed appreciation to Dan Burgess for setting up the meeting to be televised. The Pledge of allegiance of the United States flag was given. Adjustments to the agenda were made.



It was moved by Jamie Doubleday and seconded by Sally Carleton to approve the following items under the consent agenda:

a. Consideration of Minutes of Regular Meeting of June 25, 2009

b. Consideration of Minutes of Special Meeting of July 14, 2009

c: Acceptance of Resignations:

1. Luke Leavitt as RDHS Math teacher, track coach, and cross country coach

2. Alison Conte as RDHS Special Education Teacher and RDHS Girls Varsity Soccer Coach

d. Final Approval of Policies in Second Reading:

1. GCSA Employee Computer and Internet use

2. IKF Graduation Requirements

e. Teacher Nominations:

1. Kathleen Hogan Hartzell as Special Education Teacher east side

2. Jennifer Garrett as Elementary Teacher west side

3. Jessica Hutchins as Elementary Teacher east side

4. Megan Dailey as Elementary Teacher west side leave replacement

5. Jennifer West as Special Education Teacher east side

f. Administrator Nominations:

1. Paul Dostie as Custodial Supervisor 1 year

2. Susan Stilwell as RDMS Assistant Principal 2 year

3. Elwood Moore as School Health Coordinator 2 year

g. Appointment of Coaches:

1. Beth Provost: RDMS volunteer Field Hockey Assistant

2. Dwight Henry as GVHS Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

3. Jesse Bartke as RDHS Head Coach Indoor and Outdoor Track (teacher)

4. Ben Tripp as RDMS Girls Soccer Head Coach (teacher)

h. Approval to Sell Two Surplus School Buses

The vote was then taken: 11 FOR (846) 2 ABSENT (Sanborn, Wotton/153). VOTED.



The Superintendent reported on several items that did not require Board action at this time:

1) Meeting with the Rockland City Council regarding the monies from the anticipated balance. 2) Michael Tolman (teacher at RDHS) has been appointed as Girls Varsity Soccer coach at RDHS. 3) Following the resignation of Luke Leavitt, the position will be filled by Michael Tolman. He will be assigned a combination of business education and mathematics classes. 4) Thanked Dan Burgess for his efforts to get the RSU #13 Board meetings televised. 5) An administrator has been assigned as a lead for each committee of the board. 5) Appointment by the Governor to serve on the Professional Standards Board. 6) Distributed a copy of the letter that will be sent to staff for the opening workshop on August 26th. She extended an invitation to all Board members to meet with the staff at RDHS. 7) Website development is coming together. Encouraged Board members to go to RSU13.org to review the progress. 8) The first meeting of the Transition Advisory Committee has been held. They will be meeting again next week. 9) Vacancies are still being filled; with several posing a challenge. 10) Reported on the three-day administrative advance held at the Gamble Center of the Farnsworth Museum. The meeting was extremely productive. NO ACTION.



Ruth Anne Hohfeld reported on the following: 1) Recent meeting with the MEA and the Teamsters relative to negotiations. 2) Working on a draft survey to be posted on the website (with paper copies to be provided as well). Hope to have this ready by September. 3) Distributed an article for the newspaper describing some of the up-coming items facing the District. She asked that Board members review this and get back to her. 4) Gave each Board member a copy of the book “Leading for Learning”. 5) She will be out of the area from August 7th until August 26th. NO ACTION.



Brian Messing, Chair, reported that the Committee will be receiving information soon on the first month as the RSU. A meeting is scheduled for August 13, 2009 at 6:00PM. NO ACTION.



Sally Carleton, Chair, reported on a recent meeting held August 4th to discuss the goals for the coming year, review the development of specific programs, working towards developing draft policies, and develop a common writing assessment K-9. The next meeting will be September 1st at 6:30PM. NO ACTION.



Loren Andrews, Chair, requested that his report be given later in the meeting. NO ACTION.



Esther Kilgour, Chair, reported that the next meeting of the Committee will be on August 25th at 6:30PM. NO ACTION.



James Kalloch, Chair, reported on a recent meeting to review the 28 policies for tonight’s first reading. The next meeting will be August 18th at 5:30PM. NO ACTION.



Greg Hamlin, Chair, reported on a meeting held August 5, 2009 to discuss items pending before the Board. The next meeting of the Committee will be August 11, 2009 at 5:30PM. NO ACTION.



Jamie Doubleday, Chair, requested that her report be given in Executive Session. NO ACTION.



James Kalloch, Board representative, reported on the meeting of July 22, 2009. NO ACTION.



Jamie Doubleday, Chair, reported on the following: 1) Chris Rector contacted the Commissioner of Education about getting the application process going. Should have the paperwork by September or October with a due date of December or January. 2) Group of citizens have gotten together to form a Many Flags/One Campus foundation. They will work to support the project. The committee hopes to partner with the Georges Valley Land Trust, and hope to begin fundraising by September. Discussion and a question and answer period followed. NO ACTION.



Greg Hamlin, Chairman of the Facilities and Transportation Committee, reported on the condition of the building and, especially, the boiler. There are four options facing the Board: 1) Lease 10 classrooms, 2) Rent a boiler, 3) Purchase a new boiler, and 4) replace the existing tubes. The Committee recommends purchasing a new boiler.


It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by James Kalloch that the Board authorize the administration to proceed with the RFP to replace the boiler at the MacDougal School.


Discussion followed.


It was moved by Brian Messing and seconded by Gregory Hamlin that the recommendation from the engineer for the awarding of the contract  come before the Board in a special or emergency meeting.


Discussion followed.


The vote was then taken on the amendment: 6 FOR (Andrews, Carleton, Dyer, Kilgour, Messing, Wilson/467) 6 OPPOSED (Doubleday, Emery Hamlin, Hohfeld, Kalloch, Sanborn/452) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.


The motion, as amended, was then voted: 7 FOR (Andrews, Carleton, Emery, Hamlin, Hohfeld, Kalloch, Kilgour/541) 5 OPPOSED (Doubleday, Dyer, Messing, Sanborn, Wilson/378) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.



Loren Andrews, Chair of the Technology Committee, reported that a decision was made by the Committee to accept Option 2 of the proposal. This would allow for the hiring of an elementary librarian for the East Side, two stipended technology coordinators (one for K-6 and one for 7-12) across the District. Glenn Eichel, Technology Director was asked to address the issue, and Loren Andrews read a statement from Patricia Moran-Wotton.


It was moved by Loren Andrews and seconded by Jamie Doubleday to adopt the recommendation of the Technology Committee.


Discussion followed.


10 FOR (767) 1 OPPOSED (Wilson/72) 1 ABSTENTION (Kalloch/80) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.  



The Board Chair reported that the following people have been selected to represent RSU #13 on the MCST Board of Directors: James Kalloch, Josiah Wilson, Greg Hamlin (Alternate), Joanne Richards, David Matthews, and Kimberly Appleby. NO ACTION.



This matter will be reviewed by the Finance Committee at their next meeting. NO ACTION.



Superintendent recommended that the Board approve an unpaid leave of absence for Marilee Robinson from September 23, 2009 to October 9, 2009.


It was moved by Jamie Doubleday and seconded by Esther Kilgour to approve the Superintendent’s recommendation. 12 FOR (919) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.



Greg Hamlin, Chair of the Facilities & Transportation Committee, recommended that the Board authorize the Superintendent to expend $10,000 if necessary to round out the funding for the MSAD #50 bus.


It was moved by Jamie Doubleday and seconded by Esther Kilgour to approve the Facilities & Transportation Committee’s recommendation. 12 FOR (919) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.



Neal Guyer, RSU #13 Curriculum Coordinator, reported on the formation of a study group that will come together to research best practices at the high school level. He requested that two members from the Board of Directors serve on the Committee. The Chair appointed George Emery and James Kalloch. NO ACTION.



It was moved by Gregory Hamlin and seconded by Esther Kilgour that the policies in first reading be placed under the Consent Agenda format. 12 FOR (919) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.


Below are the policies for first reading:

GBGAA Blood Borne Pathogens

GBGAA-R Blood-Borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan

GCCA Recruiting and Hiring of Administrative Staff

GCI Professional Staff Development Opportunities

GCSA-R Employee Computer and Internet Use Rules

IHBA Individualized Education Programs

IHBAA Referral/Pre-Referral Policy

IHBAA-R Referral/Pre-Referral Procedures

IHBAC Child Find Policy

IHBAL Grievance Procedure for Persons with Disabilities

IHBGB Supplemental Statement of Rights for Students with Disabilities Enrolled by Parents in Private  


IKE Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students

ILD Educational Research: Student Submission to Surveys, Analyses, or Evaluations

IMBB Exemption from Required Instruction

JEA Compulsory Attendance

JFAA Student Residency

JFAB Admission of Non-Resident Students

JFABD Admission of Homeless Students

JICH Drug and Alcohol Use by Students

JICIA Weapons, Violence, and School Safety

JICJ Student Use of Electronic Devices

JKF Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities

JKF-R Disciplinary Removal of Students with Disabilities Administrative Procedure

JKGA Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraints

JKGA-R Procedures on Time Out Rooms and Therapeutic Restraints

JLCB Immunization of Students

JLCC Communicable Diseases

JLDBG Reintegration of Students from Juvenile Correctional Facilities

JRA Student Educational Records

JRA-E Annual Notice of Student Education Records and Information Rights


It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by Gregory Hamlin to approve all the policies presented in first reading. 11 FOR (847) 1 ABSTENTION (Wilson/72) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.


James Kalloch, Policy Committee Chair, requested that the Board authorize the use of the Purchasing Policy (DJ)

As presented on a temporary basis until the policy is presented for second reading to the Board.


It was moved by James Kalloch and seconded by Josiah Wilson that the Board adopt Policy DJ – Purchasing Requirements on a temporary basis until such time as the Policy comes back for second reading. 11 FOR (839) 1 ABSTENTION (Messing/80) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.



Greg Hamlin, Chair of the Facilities & Transportation Committee stated that the Committee had withdrawn the idea of leasing a facility. It was agreed by the Committee to make modifications to the existing MSAD #5 lot. This would involve putting in more parking spaces between the tennis court and the existing lot so that it would accommodate almost all of the RSU #13 bus fleet. The cost for this modification would be less than $15,000.


It was moved by Esther Kilgour and seconded by James Kalloch to accept the committee’s recommendation. 11 FOR (839) 1 OPPOSED (Dyer/80) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.


It was moved by Julie Sanborn and seconded by Steven Dyer that the Board go into executive session for the purposes of collective bargaining (1 MRSA, Sub-section 405 (6) (D). 12 FOR (919) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.


Into executive session at 8:55PM. Out of executive session at 9:18PM.


It was moved by James Kalloch and seconded by Julie Sanborn that the meeting be adjourned. 12 FOR (919) 1 ABSENT (80). VOTED.


Meeting adjourned at 9:19PM.



                                                Dr. Judith M. Lucarelli, Secretary/RSU #13 Board of Directors