Minutes from May 11, 2010


RSU13 Facilities and Transportation (F&T)
May 11th, 2010 – 5:30 pm McLain Building




 Greg Hamlin - Chair

 Jamie Doubleday

 Scott Hall

 Jim Kalloch

 Ruth Anne Hohfeld

 Todd Johnston

 George Emery

 Judy Lucarelli

 Peter Roche

Time IN: 5:30 pm

Time OUT: 7:30 pm

 Steve Dyer


Results / Follow Up


q  Review and Make Changes to this Agenda.




Old Business

  • Add Air Quality at Thomaston Grammar School



  • Facility Audit Update – Progress and State School Building Construction Application schedules






  • Bus Radio License Status









  • Progress on availability of the Transportation Software and use of double bus runs next year.













  • MacDougal School – Progress if any.




  • Electrical Issues




  • Committee Goals – Update




2 Roof fans are in and working.  The two zone Transfer fans are no longer being manufactured.  As such we are looking for one to fit our existing hardware. 



Lion’s share of the meeting was going over the four Construction Applications (OHCS, GVHS, Gilford Butler, and RDHS) and all Building Audits format/handouts.  The purpose was to get familiar with the materials.  Members were asked to review and report back anything they might question or change. These applications are due to the state by June 15th.



Linwood Lanthrop of the Knox county Emergency Mgt office, reported to Scott and Todd that we have passed the paper hurdles. However, due to backlogs in could be another 2-3 weeks before we get the licenses,  Reminder that by the year end 2012 all Broadband radios, which is what we have, need to modified or replaced to narrow band. Radios that are newer than 7 years maybe narrowband capable and will only need to be reprogrammed and not replaced. If we need any we will be looking to ride coat tails on the Knox County Emergency Management Agency and State volume purchasing agreements.



We are about half way through the ten week training process.  Joe knight in particular seems to think this is a good piece of software seems more upbeat about it.  However, out of the 2,200 kids we have we still have some 200+ kids without physical addresses within the existing “Infinite Campus” software.  Once that software is updated it is believed we can move it to the Transportation Software called “Transfinder”. From there we can add additional parameters like drivers, bus information (Capacity, Age, Cost, etc.), and Google a maps.


Updating the Infinite Campus (IC) will be the respective secretaries for each building.  In the mean time we are tidying up the double bus runs for both sides. We will establish both walker zones (policy) and bus stops (Mgt) by this fall.



NNTR (Nothing New to Report) the pre-school group is still interested. 





We will be reviewing the alarms systems in Gilford Butler and Owls Head schools.



We will be defining what it is we want to report to the board at year end and setup our goals for next year.