ESEA Report Cards

ESEA Report Cards

RSU 13 District Report Cards are available on our website as required by the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)(Click on the heading above to access them.)

The reports includes links to performance charts for each school. Should you have questions about the data presented, please contact the principal of your child’s school and they will welcome any questions that you might have regarding the successes and ongoing challenges that the report card data represent. 

Our administrative team and professional teaching staff use all data, inclusive of State mandated testing and several other tools and metrics to guide instructional decision-making for your children.

Thank you for continuing your support of our schools. We invite you to visit and to become involved at whatever level feels comfortable for you. Our communities and your input are important to us as we move forward and strive for continuous progress and improvement.

Click on any of the schools listed to access the latest ESEA Report Card for that school.  If you are unable to access these report cards electronically, kindly let administrative assistant personnel at your child’s school know that you would appreciate receiving a printed copy and one will be made available to you.